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BITCOINs Key Consolidation Range! Next Stop!? 6k or 8k?

BITCOINs Key Consolidation Range! Next Stop!? 6k or 8k?

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This is the Calm before the massive BITCOIN storm. Bitcoin begins to consolidate into a key target range! What will the next price moves be? Bullish pump to 8k or a bearish dump to 6k? Plus we dive into Bitcoin & Ethereum DeFi. Should Bitcoin just give up on its sidechains & work on moving Bitcoin to Ethereum? Plus more crypto news live with Chico Crypto!

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31 thoughts on “BITCOINs Key Consolidation Range! Next Stop!? 6k or 8k?

  1. Hey bud gave you a shoutout on my crypto censor video glad your channel is restored 💪🏽💪🏽

  2. Avatar Huawei Apple says:

    Hey Chico, ban these trolls with their advertising on your comments section

  3. The next bull run is by the corner and would be led by bitcoin and a few altcoins hence traders and investors alike have to keep a close watch and buy in now but the best way to make significant profit is not just holding but also trading on the market. If you are not an expert trader, the best option is supervised trading by using the real-time trade alerts of a professional trader with good track record and from my experience, Allan Shaw provides some of the most accurate signals in the space. I can say this because with his signals, I was able to build a portfolio of just 1 btc into 5 btc in less than a month. If you need any assistance, Allan is a sure option *( WhatsApp +48 732121976 or Telegram @allanshaw)*. Meeting him has been the best connection I ever made and I think more people need this awareness.

  4. Avatar Granden says:

    Really?! You are removed?
    Wow. Big Brother is watching.
    Time for another video platform.

  5. Avatar s roels says:

    Guys go to joe rogan last video . Make it happen #joeroganchicopodcast upvote that shizzle

  6. Hi, Love Love Love your content @ChicoCrypto

    I am a Crypto enthusiast based in London. I am here to educate London and the UK about
    cryptocurrency and block-chain and would love it if you could join me on my

    I couldn't find many UK commentators on the subject so created my YouTube channel
    Crypto Editor UK.

    The recent YouTube censorship of crypto and channels which
    I tune into daily being deleted has given me the fire I need to get started with
    my channel in 2020 and hopefully upload 1 video per week to start with

    Please like, share and subscribe so I can reach a wider audience.

    Look forward to interacting with you all

    Without guys like you and some of my other fav YouTubers I

    would not be able to keep up with all the emerging news which mainstream media
    does not cover.

    Keep up the good work and hopefully join you on six figure subscribers at some point in 2020!

    Thanks for the motivation

  7. am gonna miss you baby… FREE CHICO…

  8. Avatar In Lyfe says:

    Hi how do we contact you tube with complaints of their behaviour

  9. Sorry to see You Tube is taking down a lot of your content. I've watched many videos on your channel because I found your research genuinely informative and I also watch a lot from Crypto Daily because I found him entertaining. I fail to see how either of you breached any You Tube guidelines and can't figure out what Google can possibly gain from taking down You Tube crypto related content over this Christmas period.

  10. Much love Chico….your name is spreading like fire right now 💞🔥🔥🔥

  11. Avatar snide 2 says:

    Hey Chico Goofball..

    Do you see why supporting Government Regulation is STUPID when it comes to crypto, or anything else for that matter?? YouTube may come off as being a private Corporation, but it is anything but. Google and Screwtube IS fully in bed with Governments and Central Bankers, thus why you guys are being censored..

    GOVERNMENT OR HUMAN INTERVENTION OR CONTROL IS NEVER A GOOD THING.. Quit supporting Government involvement with Tether, Crypto in general, or anyone else, because in doing so you are supporting your own enslavement, and thus the enslavement of your fellow human brothers and sisters all over the world..

    Wake Up!!

  12. Avatar mattfm101 says:

    JOIN BITCHUTE, alternative to youtube

  13. Avatar Duane O says:

    Are you involved in any crypto mining?

  14. Avatar John Pesente says:


  15. Happy Holidays Chico… Sucks these youtube pos losers are trying to dim your crypto light… I mentioned in another video that you are now a target along with other youtubers. I think this attack tho is centered around your channel. Not sure about what subject tho. Maybe the Tether cartel. Maybe others like the SV losers…. Anyways enough with the negative. Hope you get some more videos soon. Thank you for all the hard work exposing the crypto controlling elites and all the information you been researching…

  16. Avatar MEL N. says:

    Yo Chico! Hearing YT removing cryto-related videos. You getting affected?

  17. Thanks YouTube, for pissing in my oatmeal…

  18. Avatar MzToin says:

    Bitcoin Founder 👉 Hal Finney 👈
    Bitcoin Scam Founder Cray Gray

  19. Avatar fiat is king says:

    With the controversy content that chico was presenting. Does not surprise me that his channel would be the one of the first to get taken off. See you in the Afterlife.

  20. Avatar Mike Smith says:

    Need to get rid of Cobb's scam channel.

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