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Bitcoin’s $4.2K Resistance, Binance Coin BuyBack Strategy | Crypto Markets


Bitcoin’s $4.2K Resistance, Binance Coin BuyBack Strategy | Crypto Markets

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Crypto Broker’s Patrick Heusser and eToro’s Mati Greenspan breakdown alt-season, $4.2K resistance and the importance of the 200-day moving average.

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Bitcoin’s $4.2K Resistance, Binance Coin BuyBack Strategy | Crypto Markets

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14 thoughts on “Bitcoin’s $4.2K Resistance, Binance Coin BuyBack Strategy | Crypto Markets

  1. Descending wedge? Descending triangle that broke the-F down.

  2. Avatar 2fer one says:

    According to Cointelegraph: "Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency and an open-source project released in 2017" SMH.

  3. kucoin share does give shares based on exchange volume
    they also burn out of circulation – so it is going to replace binance. visit

  4. Avatar edvandyke says:

    Did he just say "stable at around four and a half thousand" …

  5. Avatar stickshiftt says:

    TA = mumbo jumbo. Its 95% bogus.

  6. Avatar rey smith says:

    cointelegraf , i had bigger expectation from you guys , but probablly you take money from them also , and Trade Santa ??? REALLY ?????

  7. Avatar rey smith says:

    i don t remember etorro last year ??? do you ???? no ofcourse not , they only sold forex and other shitty things , don t forghet , MARKET MAKERS , if you lose money , the money are there s

  8. Avatar rey smith says:

    jewishnmarket makers ,shame on you , remain to forex motherfuc''''s

  9. Avatar rey smith says:

    market makers , etorro , they will convince you only to trade that s it

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    Not sure if this is real or not

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  12. Avatar Jae Oppa says:

    Did anyone else also got an email from Cointelegraph for investment opportunities?

  13. Avatar trapped cat says:

    Litcoin is not an alt. It belongs in a loftier category.

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