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BITCOIN Weekend Pump!? But Next Monday A Dump!?

BITCOIN Weekend Pump!? But Next Monday A Dump!?

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Bitcoin is about to have a wild weekend, full of manipulation. Once the regulated exchanges shutdown on Friday, the unregulated exchanges are going to have some fun! Major Tether & Bitfinex news has dropped! This usually means, a Bitcoin pump is coming. But once Monday comes next week, the dip will come! This is another Chico Crypto live stream you do not want to miss!

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34 thoughts on “BITCOIN Weekend Pump!? But Next Monday A Dump!?

  1. You forgot to mention BSV…. Which outperform the top 10 coins the last few days….. Keep an eye this weekend…. This could it. I am a Trader….I don't do Tylor analyses but my technical are looking phenomenal for BSV…. Not just in fiat but against top 10 coins. I called a bottom in bsv 2 days ago….. So far so good. We shall see I guess.

  2. 2:55 your Tyler Analysis lost me a bunch of money, my fault for listening to you. i wish you hadn't given it though.

  3. Avatar vir2alexport says:

    I'll tell you right now

    Read more

  4. Well, the weekend has come and gone and guess what?

    NO PUMP.

    Just another failed price prediction by Forest Gump!

  5. Blue Dreams is the best for running around.
    It's come down is mellow.

  6. Avatar manolito1570 says:

    It's time to stop gambling money and looking at prices all day by building a rock strong winning strategy and start making profit by sticking to it. Making profit from bitcoin is as simple as finding what works and sticking to it for as long as it works irrespective of the current market price, For me, i must say this is a very good time to trade and earn more coin, only gamblers would want to Hodl the coin. As a trader and investors we have to use every given opportunity to trade the market and accumulate as many bitcoin we could now ahead of the pump we might later experience. This of course is a good time for me and it's been going on for months now since i heard about David Loghan and signed up with his trade program. He provides daily signals and within my first month, I had turned in profit of over 6 btc from a meagre 0.5 btc under his instructions and daily signals in just a month. This current price position doesn’t make any difference as anytime is good for trading if you know what to do. David can be reach via Telgram @ davidloghan on how to trade profitably.

  7. Sound isn't good mate, just that's why half views than what you normally get

  8. I predict Tezos will not just be a niche. It will become the standard for STO's, yes, even over Ethereum.

  9. Hey Chico Crypto Tyler new mic new set up doesnt sound loud enough and your still having problems with the set up.No trolls here bruh your one of the best out here but I'm speaking facts bruh its just a bit to low but you did get a little louder.

  10. No pump this weekend.. but definitely a dump coming..

  11. Avatar F. Russo says:

    your right it pumped straight to the basement! where do u get your strategy?

  12. Avatar Youssef D says:

    volume is not good Chico, find someone to help you and be done with it

  13. Avatar Johnny Sahn says:

    Nice, SmartDec is based in Moscow which is working on Digitex Futures (DGTX)… hopefully Putin makes that announcement! 😀

  14. Avatar Neil Prior says:

    We need mining to keep going or else bitcoin will be in trouble and if there is no pump in the next two to three weeks it’s bad

  15. Avatar Peter says:

    By the way, Terra uses Tendermint, which was created by the Cosmos/Tendermint team. Also this is the Uniswap OVM demo they had at devcon:

  16. Tyler, I do already know how you feel about Ripple but I've been hearing about them starting a music streaming platform. As artist to artist, would you be willing to do an objective in depth analysis as only you can, weighing out what Musicoin has going on compared to what Ripple want's to do?
    This part is not me trying to sell it but I'd share the video in like 100 music groups I'm in for you. Many of them have over 100k members. I do like what you do so I'm with sharing anyway but if the subject matter applies to my audience means better chance of picking up some new subscribers. Again, lame if that's my bribe but I do listen regularly and a good opportunity to spread your words to people not normally exposed to cryptocurrency may be beneficial for us all, even if it is so slight.
    And if you've already covered the subject and I missed it, drop the video title and I'll check it. Also, my music channel is Illiminate Music if you'd like to check out a rap artist. I can shoot you out clean versions if you're interested in using anything I got.

  17. Avatar jimonius7 says:

    There is so many f**** ads this is worse than TV

  18. Avatar jimonius7 says:

    YouTube filled with very angry sodomites and Grabblers

  19. Avatar Kim Boyce says:

    … had greens for breakfast chico hi from Bondi Australia , love your show xxx

  20. what is your computer configuration ?

  21. Yo bro where is the video on synthetic’s? Probably the best platform in crypto so far!

    Have you reviewed Fulcrum and BZX?

    Defi BABY!!!

  22. Avatar All Infinity says:

    The volume is very low. Some expert should help you with it.

  23. countertrade youtubers, youll do well

  24. very bad sound stop after 10 minutes

  25. Avatar Gigaloader says:

    The audio equipment is fine. You just need a normalizer. Or a peak dB limiter so you can crank the volume to a consistent 0 dB. Your new microphone is made for high quality audio recording and has a far better range which makes it sound like this.

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