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Bitcoin vs Davos, Reverse Crypto IPOs, McAfee Flees the IRS | Hodler’s Digest


Bitcoin vs Davos, Reverse Crypto IPOs, McAfee Flees the IRS | Hodler’s Digest

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-01-27 22:16:44 | Duration: 13:50 | Views: 14742 | Likes: 494 | Dislikes: 19

Discussion of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at Davos, plans of Bithumb to go public in the United States, Bitcoin proof-of-work algorithm needs replacing, McAfee flees the IRS.
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Hodler’s Digest Jan 21-27
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Bitcoin vs Davos, Reverse Crypto IPOs, McAfee Flees the IRS | Hodler’s Digest

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38 thoughts on “Bitcoin vs Davos, Reverse Crypto IPOs, McAfee Flees the IRS | Hodler’s Digest

  1. LF 92 says:

    cancel Davos is one of the stupidest thing petty socialists says. What they think would change? Rich people will end to be rich and make bussiness with each other? Davos gives transparency to a process that without it will be do completely do close door, so normal people could listen to high level discussion and problematic, to know what are the concerns at the elite level. The problem is that normal people prefer to watch stupid reality shows and car crashing contests rather than Davos, and than complain about how the Illuminati control the world and other conspiracy bullshit. Close Davos? Yeah this will be elite argument rather than common people interest. The elite will say, well ordinary people are too stupid to listen to our discourse, better do behind close doors.

  2. Some good content, but saying someone is spreading FUD, when they’re just speaking their mind, seems to me like very opinionated reporting. You should let people do their own judging, if they wish, and stay professional. There are enough scammy people in this industry, so I think it is very important for good reporting to stay neutral.

  3. Stic Turner says:

    mcafee said crypto is the biggest invention since fire xD that man is serious….

  4. His Daughter was mining BTC back in the day? — what a giant load of horse shit. No chance. The fact he makes this BS up shows this guy is a two faced clown and is probably hodling BTC himself. Nothing but another puppet.

  5. john Hini says:

    God bless all u do..thank u thank u

  6. Great Video overall. Davos will be even bigger next year. I'll be there.

  7. The video is good, but is too fast, too many disturbors. And i have to translate to my language,..i am still shacking. Need a pill, hehe

  8. Not only did the global elites destroy the world. They destroyed animals, habitats, human commerce, human spirituality, they made us mindless consumers of useless shit we don’t really need, they destroyed relationships and the family unit. They destroyed what it means to be a man, they destroyed what it means to be a woman. Nothing is sacred anymore and no one knows what to do. Everyone is confused and miserable with all this stuff, whilst corporations literally suck the life and resource out of poor countries to manufacture said stuff. We’re all divided by race, religion, sexual preference and orientation like a bunch of useful idiots arguing on social media which most users don’t even like and it looks like were headed to civil unrest/war and global war. All the worlds currencies are devalued by inflation and salaries stay the same while prices go up. Birth rates in all western countries are plummeting along with marriage rates. Look the fuck around you. Open your damn eyes. See the matrix that these people built and the robotic humans pretending and playing make believe that everything is okay as our rights are increasingly being taken away from us as we head to a dystopian rule of group think and communist/Marxist doctrine values under the guise of progress.

  9. RIP PoW, governments can not afford to feed bitcion if it reaches 1M, it would consume nearly whole USA electricity generation! Ethereum to the moon! That's why china is banning bitcoin mining, china can actually harm west by pumping bitcoin and letting miners eat electricity of its countries! PoS coins and nono mineable tokens are in much better possition to be adopted by governments and be part of central banks baking.

  10. Great job Wyoming! Caitlin Long, such wise words /respect

  11. Jay Mcihael says:

    Hi guys, I really like these videos. Helps learn more about crypto fast. I am a copywriter in crypto and blockchains.

    I think that crypto and blockchains are extremely nascent, but they aren't going anywhere. Einstein probably wasn't talking all that relativity stuff when he was 5, right?

    I try not to view Bitcoin as the only viable option to be used in the future. The competitive nature of the cryptomarkets will help them deliver a well suited cryptocurrency that's going to replace fiat. I also think that fiat currencies are going to become blockchain-ified in 10 years.

  12. A well-produced, and informative video, summarizing the latest in the world of cryptocurrency. Excellent!

  13. Rinat Valiev says:

    What can you buy with bitcoin now and where?

  14. modelmark says:

    LOL, institutions are by not not allowed to own their own assets. (some other institution is though) Let that sink in. They don't own 'their assets' either then.

  15. LOL I bet your daughter hates your ass dude!!!

  16. all these "glitchy" video effects every two sentences make this video unwatchable.

  17. waintech says:

    Please have someone else anchor this… The way she trails off her voice at the end of every sentence is beyond annoying. She's boringly reading your script and it shows.

  18. stopped watching after 2:00 because of irritating transitions in the video

  19. Jeremiah Lim says:

    How about Chinese make themselves strong by creating their own crypto currency? 
    I am backing Bitcoin Diamond from Singapore. I just emailed their team…
    Dear BCD team, 
    Now that BCD is launching its Chimpion project, it is high time to pitch your outstanding project and highly undervalued BCD coin to high profile strategic investors eg. hedge funds. We need more big investors to hold big stakes in BCD to drive FOMO from small retail investors to push up the price of BCD. 

    Have you approach CZ of Binance ? He has billions of cash and liquid assets and very supportive of your project.

  20. con seated says:

    Not one of these dogshit experts predicted the -87-29 crashes. The rise of the internet, PC computer and myriads of other things.

  21. Benja says:

    Moving to Wyoming 🤠

  22. Thumbs down for allocating time to the coke head.

  23. The shape of your physique is top notch!

  24. fuck davos, lets see what happens to it after crypto smashed all governments through destroying central banking

  25. bitcoins source code is the best and the environment gets better every day. bitcoin will go to the moon

  26. Forkhead says:

    Much better voice acting than before, bravo! But pls less make up.

  27. Don Wood says:

    Don't buy into the idea that the current system only works for a small number of elites. There is huge disparity, but there are fewer in poverty than ever before. The median standard of living has been on an upward trajectory, with minor blips, for a couple of hundred years.

  28. Mc B. says:

    BTC is the NEW DAVOS!

  29. Alen P says:

    Bit is like a plane it gos up and down everything that gos up must come down then up again..all that needs is fuel ⛽️ smart don’t sell just be safe and wait 2020 will be your best year yet

  30. Crypto Yogi says:

    Of course the Bank of International Settlements wishes Bitcoin would abandon POW, but only in order to make it less secure. In fact a secure Bitcoin is one of the foundations for the success and widespread use of the coin. The price of BTC has shown to increase after each halving, as envisioned in Satoshi's whitepaper. As the user base increases, the price also increases and then the small transaction fees will start to add up for the miners. Let's also keep in mind that block rewards are only going to zero in about 100 years! Is it any surprise that a bank that would be rendered useless by the success of Bitcoin, overnight becomes a Bitcoin expert and proposes changes to how BTC is mined? Conflict of interest anyone? Hahahaha

  31. TFV-solar says:

    Global elites are really on their way to destroy the world, with their greed, do not let them do so any longer by giving them your money, and go into crypto, managing your own assets and interacting P2P. Let them be out of your game.

  32. Zen Crypto says:

    Long live Mcafee for president. I'm not from the US

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