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Bitcoin Time Traveler Deletes Post! Predictions Spot On. BTC 100k In 2020? Crypto News Live


Bitcoin Time Traveler Deletes Post! Predictions Spot On. BTC 100k In 2020? Crypto News Live

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-02-23 18:37:47 | Duration: 1:20:49 | Views: 22070 | Likes: 669 | Dislikes: 65

The infamous Bitcoin subreddit (r/bitcoin) post in which a supposed time traveler tells the world about Bitcoin, has been deleted by the author. In the post, the person exclaims that Bitcoin becomes the new world currency. Although, this leads to mass concentrations of wealth, resulting in the an apocalyptic scenario for this world. The “time traveler” in the post makes some very spot on predictions regarding the price of Bitcoin which has got people believing that it may be true. Why is it deleted 5 years later? Can we believe the $100,000 Bitcoin prediction by 2019? Plus more cryptocurrency news from the Bitcoin lightning network, Ethereum, Icon crypto, Elastos, Binance, and more! You don’t want to miss this crypto live stream!
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46 thoughts on “Bitcoin Time Traveler Deletes Post! Predictions Spot On. BTC 100k In 2020? Crypto News Live

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  2. Do you wanna buy a goat?? 😂😂

  3. Stian Fisk says:

    The timetraveler post is back, did it change ? 😀

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  7. Tyler can you do a compilation of The Modern Investor. This guy is the most ridiculous person i've seen in years making crypto videos. Constantly shilling ONLY his bags. I would be the happiest guy alive if you could highlight his selfishness in a thousand ways

  8. Proke says:

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  9. the best intel and all-around crypto channel , thanks for all your digging and excellent videos !

  10. Shourido says:

    Ontology and Neo = Divide and Conquer.

  11. Nathan Hahn says:

    Anyone else find it weird that the time traveler's screen name is the exact name of a very notorious Canadian killer that was sentenced later in the exact same year??

  12. Kurt Maxwell says:

    Stacy Herbert is Max Kieser's Wife dude! (not just his employee)

  13. Joe M says:

    Chico!! Keep up the great work and stay true to your morals. Screw all the haters. You will be the biggest source of news in Crypto if you keep it up. I don't wanna say biggest youtuber because youtube is too small. We gotta get you CNBC's Crypto Trader's job and get some real information to the masses.

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  15. Craig Wright is the biggest scammer in Crypto, please don't quote him again 😂

  16. love the channel…i do a crypto weekly recap…check it out if you got time

  17. yoyo 123 says:

    Ian Balina was the first youtuber that I heard talk about ontology, icon, fantom, loom, elastos. You trashed him and one year later your talking about the same coins he so called "shilled". lol

  18. mind WARped says:


  19. DonkeyD says:

    Blue Wallets sick!!!

  20. I like that you are keeping people accountable in the space but remember that Binance is a business so decentralization does not matter a lot atleast for now. Binance did something that most exchanges did not do. They took care of their customers and became no. 1. Right now they are trying to be the Amazon of Crypto. If you are for total decentralization, then don't use them. Personally I am for a mix of both and this is why Binance coin will go to $500. Eventually they will compete with Eth, EOS, etc when they enter the smart contract space. For now, they are not planning it with their new chain but with the money that will go to smart contracts, they will have no choice. Buying Binance now is like buying Eth at $10.30. I have a video showing why it will go to $500 and above!

  21. Chris Rock says:

    Time traveler?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😋😋🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    That's hilarious

  22. Cristian A says:

    What’s your thought on wanchain?

  23. wardy mann says:

    i feel confused about why you have a camera man. but love the channel

  24. Imleocalm says:

    How can I buy digibite? Thanks

  25. Helix Grams says:

    f you need anonymous btc mixer helixgrams. com

  26. Helix Grams says:

    if you need anonymous mixer

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  28. ivan interview with cz was crap

  29. what do you think of O3 wallet

  30. Jeff Gardner says:

    Who knows how “travel” will be spelled in the future.

  31. yeah CZ decided to pump neo i guess XD
    cuse anywais they dont planned anything beafore 2020

  32. Just MeMe says:

    Given that the planet has been cooling, there's a bug in the matrix. Sub the Tony Heller YT channel.
    Glad to see you dumped the barbarian Chinese and went DGB, BTW. Been in DGB since 2017.

  33. Raggea says:

    About the time traveler… (Don't say this guy really did)

    Einstein knew he dismissed 5th element.
    For a long story short. If you can reach the speed of gamma burst, you can create a space worm hole in front of your craft. it's a rapport from 1950 that came out in 2012 ..

  34. Low Blow Chico! I've been a supporter but I just caught you in something. WTF! FAKE NEWS BRO!
    You pulled off a CNN act with Boxmining. It's all fine if you're on to something but don't be selective with your clips. You know what I'm talking about. Please dude, fix it. Have an interview with Boxmining or something, geesh.

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    You the best Chico

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