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BITCOIN RICH Are Making Moves! BTC at $5000 | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News


BITCOIN RICH Are Making Moves! BTC at $5000 | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-04-03 17:24:20 | Duration: 47:55 | Views: 8195 | Likes: 470 | Dislikes: 14

Bitcoin continues to go up! See what the Bitcoin Rich are doing these days.

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25 thoughts on “BITCOIN RICH Are Making Moves! BTC at $5000 | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

  1. Avatar CryptosRUs says:

    Join for more analysis and insight into the market. Check out the shop for Bitcoin and Crypto merchandise:

  2. Avatar Joyjoy says:

    Share your joy & happiness, surprise me pls.. 😉 lol



  4. Avatar Evilface DJ says:

    18000 xlm @ .1003 now testing upwards of .13 nice easy grand in my pocket.

  5. Avatar Gravel Pit says:

    no fomo… Whale tricks to pay taxes…

  6. Avatar Matt Robbo says:

    I’m panicking. 😂😂It’s so hard not to FOMO. Just putting in the smallest amounts of fiat into Bitcoin. I’ve got enough now but the greed is kicking in. The market is getting hot.

  7. Avatar Rich H says:

    George, please read this article ! It makes a lot of sense !

  8. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Nice channel, good knowledge, not giving fake fomo or hype, solid opinion and analysis. You have a new sub sir 👍

  10. Avatar Marlon Munoz says:

    Most those transactions sounds like my old self, now I just hodl

  11. Avatar Mark Carter says:

    First time I bought the dip and didn't get wrecked thanks George

  12. Thank you for going over the rich list 🙂

  13. You're talking. Thx. Keep it up 👆

  14. Avatar Dukez Venom says:

    Ive been getting a lot of crypto ads again

  15. Avatar Mike Smith says:

    A kid with BTC shirt on sits on Santa's lap and Santa says to him, what do you want to be when you grow up kid? Kid says a whale. Santa replies, oh you want be like Moby Dick? Kid says, nevermind fat man you don't understand.

  16. Avatar YT stuff says:

    BTC isn't pumping, it's just reacting to the market cap. Look at the market share of BTC, it's dropped to 50%. It's actually the major Altcoins that are pumping, that's where the money is going.

  17. Avatar Raul Benitez says:

    Let's enjoy the up trend we have for the time being. We have been down for so long, we deserve it

  18. Avatar Charlie D says:

    So fidelity been mining since 2015, that means they have approx half a bitcoin. Lol

  19. Avatar Ohboy Peach says:

    i understand ppl taking profits but ppl say hodl for a reason.

  20. Avatar nodaklojack says:

    All I'm gonna say is look at the last seven days of DASH vs BTC LTC BCH BCHSV ETH EOS. …….which one would you park 100k in?

    DASH is sanity

  21. Avatar Nonbruh says:

    6k is the strongest resistance ever for bitcoin, it’s probably gonna take a while to break tbh. Probably the same amount of time that it held as support.

  22. Wtf is up with the chainlink price in Korea bithumb

  23. Avatar jcattera says:

    @ 10:34 in your video, you are calling the bottom? Do you have a crystal ball or something? Anyone that says we have bottomed is totally full of shit! Down voting your video…

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