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Bitcoin Price Prediction: 1 million BTC? Short & Long Term. Is This The Disbelief Stage?


Bitcoin Price Prediction: 1 million BTC? Short & Long Term. Is This The Disbelief Stage?

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-02-25 21:19:37 | Duration: 9:22 | Views: 16388 | Likes: 792 | Dislikes: 30

The Bitcoin markets are acting bi-polar right now. Smashed through $4100 on Saturday, before an epic crash back down to $3700 yesterday on Sunday. What will the Bitcoin price do next? Today Chico Crypto is bringing you Bitcoin price prediction for the short term, mid-term, and long-term. Will Bitcoin smash back through $4000? Bitcoin to 10k? Bitconi to 100k? Bitcoin to 1 million? Tune in as we tell you are thoughts on the future price of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets!
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21 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Prediction: 1 million BTC? Short & Long Term. Is This The Disbelief Stage?

  1. Avatar Chico Crypto says:

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  2. Avatar Heat Cool says:

    you people need to look at the log chart…. we are good

  3. Avatar Alex Crypto says:

    At what time frame are you looking at to see BTC at 1 million?

  4. Bitcoin is a game changer ,it's going up .
    2025 = 1 million bucks
    I think that many international global projects will be funded by BTC like tackling climate change ironically .fund can be misplaced or misused using fiat .
    I think it will be used as a second purse without governments dipping into tax payers pockets indefinitely also .
    Since this is a key issue now , the time is now

  5. Avatar R B says:

    cHICO be ready for imminent massive marketwide
    pump starting soon and into 01 MAR 2019!!!!!!!

  6. Avatar Hannah Yoo says:

    hey chico, can you expose "CryptosRUs"..he is clearly a binance shill and has told his viewers to invest in so many projects that tanked big time. He was also receiving money for his insider group that he created but all the info was just crap. One such project he suggested was aeron which tanked big time. Anyway, he is one youtuber that seems to get away with shit even though he is as bad as suppoman

  7. What a backdrop!! The mural, the scenery is beautiful!!!

  8. Avatar Crypto Miner says:

    Lund means dick in India.

  9. Avatar Nachannachle says:

    Here is a list of 1st-world countries where the citizens will NEED BTC to keep their purchasing power off the hands of their Central and commercial banks by the end of 2019:
    1. Australia (Biggest property bubble in history, zero economic diversification)
    2. Canada (Huge property bubble, history of bank bailouts with people's money)
    3. France (Moribund economy, ever increasing taxation schemes)
    4. Germany (World's biggest derivatives bank, main money provider of the collapsing ECB)
    5. UK (Massive economico-political setbacks due to no-deal, shrinking workforce due to Brexit)

    I didn't include the USA because Americans love their Stockmarket-gamble house too much to venture into BTC without "Institutional investors". On top of that, given their wild-west culture, holding BTC heightens the probability of you being gun-pointed by anyone and everyone…including your own family.

  10. Avatar vladan83 says:

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  11. how is the bear market over when its still down -.-

  12. Truth be told, bitcoin has really bottomed from its original value of almost a $20,000 to a $4000 now, so i advice everyone to stop the complaint on the rise and fall of bitcoin. Rather we should all engage in trading with Mr Shaw Brandon who is an expert in trading bitcoin for more profit

  13. Avatar GERPHOENIX says:

    The background of this video is gold xD

  14. Avatar Amun Anubis says:

    1 million easy! You might not be able to buy much with that million $ though.

  15. Nash exchanger giving one lakh USD dollars join and share u r refer code is
    Friends u r also earn one lakh USD dollars

  16. Avatar Mauro Souza says:

    I held it all the way till now and lost 80-90% of my portfolio. And I'm not depressed anymore for some reason. We must be entering disbelieve stage. Thx for the great vids.

  17. I love the ghetto locations you shoot your videos in, Tyler. The hooker getting picked up between 2m15s and 2m45s is a particularly nice touch in this one LOL

  18. So basically some standard wallstreet assholes who know nothing of BTC have been keeping the price down and are about to get eaten alive. Makes sense since it was a massive single dump of 20,000BTC which brought the price back down under $4K. I like the theory!

  19. Avatar Mr Modulator says:

    How can countries use a currency safely when they have no idea of who holds the big pots, and i mean who holds the pots that could damage a countries economy in a few simple clicks. $1m sounds amazing but Bitcoin is oh so ever risky when 1% control 99% of the value.

  20. Uhmmm are you Retarded? 13 to 17 is how many years, try counting on your fingers! You can do it!

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