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Bitcoin Hard Forks EXPLAINED | Segwit 2x Again?

Bitcoin Hard Forks EXPLAINED | Segwit 2x Again?

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and Segwit 2x

Happy Holidays and welcome to forking season. Soon Bitcoin will be forked multiple times including the long awaited Segwit 2x. Here is everything you need to know about Hard Forks and what they mean for the network and for your wallet.

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7 thoughts on “Bitcoin Hard Forks EXPLAINED | Segwit 2x Again?

  1. I always thought that the forks were only 2 and there're 8 life won't be the old! 😀

  2. Avatar Harry Morton says:

    very clear and understandable explanation! Thanks

  3. It's like a Xmas bitcoin-tale ^^ nice 🙂

  4. I cant see the link below the video

    Simple explination btw, will use when someone asks me next time

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