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Bitcoin Correction Incoming! Where Is This Dips Bottom?


Bitcoin Correction Incoming! Where Is This Dips Bottom?

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-06-30 18:23:06 | Duration: 45:11 | Views: 18820 | Likes: 774 | Dislikes: 45

Bitcoin & the crypto markets are having a correction, and the prices are dipping once again. Time to buy the dip? What will the bottom be? Will the bullish cycle return in full force? Plus crypto news from around the space including: Chainlink, Ethereum, Maker, Elastos & more! Don’t miss this epic live stream!

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34 thoughts on “Bitcoin Correction Incoming! Where Is This Dips Bottom?

  1. Avatar E A says:

    where are you from chico? i see your face features and you look hispanic

  2. What do you think about the potential for AUGUR?

  3. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.

  4. Avatar David Chavez says:

    Sorry I haven't dug in lately Chico, been on life adventures but believe me I hodle. Stay safe brother.

  5. I finally had to Unsubscribe from the Crypto Lark Just could not take the Smell of Dog BS coming out of that guys mouth, Great live feed wish I could have been online to catch it live.

  6. Avatar J T says:

    @ChicoCrypto I can set up your node for you. I run two supernodes right now

  7. I love your hair , please don't cut it , also you are looking hot af getting stacked!

  8. Avatar Some Guy says:

    "…and no one fucks with the Jesus…" Tuturro.

  9. Avatar willy wonka says:

    iota will have their own oracles .and so should every other crypto there is literaly no need for another token like chainlink on top of it

  10. As a fortune 500, you get paid to announce a partnership. Either directly or via revenue share. However these are usually non-binding partnerships so there are no contractual obligations to use the tech. See this as paid marketing and thats about it.

  11. Avatar Xmas coming says:

    OriginTrail is the best opportunity in the crypto market. It will have the best run in 2019.

  12. After watching the past month price action in bitcoin, i have come to the conclusion that bitcoin is our masters coin, they own every thing man, they control the price. This is just away to get us all cashless stuck in to there beast system. Its not going to give us freedom like most of have been lead to think. yes we going to make money lots of it, but it wasn't the reason i brought it. I want out of this fucking banking system no fucking "king Queen" or fucking state Jesuit controlled banking mafia OWN ME. We losing the fight people, once again we have all been coned by our masters. Just the internet when it first come out you could do what you want say what you want buy what you want, information was freely available, no spying, no fucking cookies, no Facebook etc, just freedom to roam the net man. Now look at it, you can the police banking on your door if you make a comment on face book. you dare say anything agesnt your control masters, they black list you , take you down report you to your inter provider, you got no freedom of speech which is only going to get worst. . The same with cryptos, there is going to be a biotin mania, no dought about that even your granny will be in to it. At that point they will closes the door, the price will drop and the bigist wealth transfer ever will of happened. by by middle class for ever. All this bullshit about there only being 21 million bitcoin is crap. How many times has bitcoin forked? Our control masters do the same old tricks again and again, yet we all ways fall for it.

  13. Hey man i am in your early viewers . But you never talked about Dragonchain. I am big fan like you of decentralization but you have to see a deep look what they are doing and how they are maintaining decentralization . If this question is answered by you much appreciated

  14. Chico, thanks a lot for your videos.
    You always bring the best content to the crypto space.
    Did you change your mind about Cardano?
    Do you still think that Cardano is a scam?
    Shelley is coming out now
    Thank you for your videos, keep rocking it

  15. Avatar Kat Ana says:

    Dude, Quant has partnered with SIA a european payments company which means Quant will be used by approximately 570 banks world-wide. SIA works with 570 banks and is a competitor to SWIFT. Quant will be massive.

  16. Avatar Kiwi says:

    Chico, you were all over the gold asteroid…youre the man, I remember you reporting this way back.

  17. PLEASE TYLER take my $40 bonus for you as a tip for your great job !
    You can test crypto dat com without investing , just enjoy my $40 bonus tip for you brother : code : 1oymna46am

  18. Chainlink (LINK) the most perspective coin of 2019!!! Buy it gulles, while the going is good! In case you have no money, receive coins free of charge in airdrop on everyone has to have this coin! It will make at least 1000%!

  19. Avatar sommi says:

    💚🧡💛💙 I am a Viewer of the Toob 💚🧡💛💙

  20. Avatar matt a says:

    Another excellent installment from the Chico

  21. Avatar J R says:

    I guess you are an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Please use proper English in your titles.

  22. NEO was my same shit bag glad I ditched it at a loss (which I never usually do) late Oct 2017; never looked back.

  23. You actually said you would cut your hair if it passed $10k, not passing ATHs
    Just sayin (you are re-nigging on your word bro)

  24. The more people ask me to cut my hair over the last 3 years; the more passionately I tell them to fk off. Why does it matter to them so much; the left over remnance of being system slaves, perhaps?

  25. Got some more litecoin!! LTC!!

  26. Crypto and Bitcoin – The Dark State Trojan Bridge from the sinking Fiat Ship to denationalised world

  27. Please don't cut your hair. You look like John Wick.. but trading crypto

  28. Avatar Samuel Osobu says:

    Hey Chico crypto. How come you went dead on nash exchange?

  29. in my opinion as a stock trader, bottom resistance is around 10300 to 10900. top resistance is 12000 right now as of this moment. it changes day by day. On average even though you see it fluctuates crazily its a 200-300 daily gain since the start of this bull market :). I hope this helps

  30. Avatar Max Power says:

    NASA is full of lies

  31. Avatar Bill Pitts says:

    I remember when you got out of NEO and bought Chainlink. Should have followed you.

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