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Bitcoin at $6800 – Where To This Week?

Bitcoin at $6800 – Where To This Week?

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Late night session to discuss Bitcoin!

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29 thoughts on “Bitcoin at $6800 – Where To This Week?

  1. Avatar Joe Zaias says:

    WOW 7k 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  2. Avatar Bitcoin Bull says:

    Rats are saying that Bitcoin is a "Rat Poison", they are right.

  3. it's currently at about $7000 now, soon it will be at $10,00, currently making 4figures daily off my crypto trade and i've never been so excited.

  4. Avatar kryptoPower says:

    To keep things realistic George shilled many cryptos when they were a 1000% worth more at the beginning of 2018. Be on your guard.

  5. Avatar Mark Carter says:

    Thanks George best joke ever

  6. thanks for a good support at 6800. im feeling 7500 today!

  7. Avatar BTC Crypto says:

    Joining you now 06:59 am, I’m pouring a drink 🥃

  8. Avatar BLOCK CHAIN says:

    Thanks George. You kept me strong in the bear market. You were positive the entire time. Keep your eyes on fundamentals.

  9. Avatar nodaklojack says:

    Before you set a goal to own 1 BTC. Everyones goal should be to actually go out and make a transaction with bitcoin. Know how long a transaction takes and how much it cost to make a transaction. But first go find a place to spend it. Go buy a six pack of beer or a coffee. Go ahead really do it. Know what you are buying into or holding.

  10. Avatar hoastbeef says:

    If you guys are afraid to buy BTC now, at least consider buying LTC. Basically, with Atomic Swaps, owning LTC is like owning BTC. If BTC goes to $1m in the future , Atomic Swap your LTC for BTC.
    Not financial advice.

  11. Avatar Atlas says:

    My dad already told that joke a thousand times

  12. Avatar Crypto Lambo says:

    btc going parabolic, I see some alts going parabolic in the near future as well.

  13. Avatar Keithblouch says:

    Already 6800, Holy cow Batman!

  14. i feel bad about the Rockets too… they propabely were the closest team to beat gsw and get title this year…

  15. Avatar RAV says:

    Thanks Brad Sheman for your endorsement of crypto

  16. Avatar Lamptree says:

    Thankyou for your live session. I am drinking a little too, (Coors Banquet Beer).
    Check out 'Waves DEX', it operates on it's own block-chain and supports at least 100 coins. You keep your own keys, but if you do it on your desktop make sure you have anti-virus software installed etc. You can buy Bitcoin on there too.
    With Brad Sherman trying to ban Crypto Currencies in the US, he could very well succeed, and perhaps joining a 'decentralized exchange would be a good alternative available. (If SEC does not block it).

  17. Avatar Sandy Clark says:

    Still with you George. I believe in u.

  18. Avatar azdjedi says:

    I got that shirt, but it was lost in the mail :(. It might be at a different post office, the organization of postal service in Ukraine sucks.

  19. Manipulation? But enjoying the ride whatever

  20. Avatar gloombastic says:

    Ha ha, I love the Loser “L” on Harden’s head. So happy they lost! I can’t stand that flopper.

  21. Hi.What is your next target now? Man.You are the only one right Ive watch..Tnx.

  22. Avatar Albomoney says:

    Fake breakout, it will dip, that's the last time to buy in. Zrx, Btc, Bat, Lrc, Brd, wtc, mda, whatever you get in will hit 10-50% gains in the next 2 years. HOLD AND ACCUMULATE NOW!!!!

  23. Avatar ANKUR PURI says:

    What do you think about alts?

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