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Binance's CZ: "It's Not CoinMarketCap's Fault"

Binance's CZ: "It's Not CoinMarketCap's Fault"

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-03-27 20:47:35 | Duration: 9:3 | Views: 4791 | Likes: 161 | Dislikes: 6

95% of Bitcoin exchange trading volume on is fake! So we decided to find out why and talked to the TIE’s co-founder Joshua Frank and Binance’s CZ to get to the truth.

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Binance’s CZ: “It’s Not CoinMarketCap’s Fault”

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17 thoughts on “Binance's CZ: "It's Not CoinMarketCap's Fault"

  1. 0:55 Comments from CoinMarketCap
    1:33 Joshua Frank, the TIE: methodology behind identifying fake trades
    4:16 Joshua Frank, the TIE: how traders can detect fake trading volumes
    5:29 Binance's CZ: the more transparency the better
    6:05 CZ: should Binance fight with CoinMarketCap?
    7:17 CZ: what should CoinMarketCap do next?

  2. Avatar Skylight says:

    Remove untrustable usdt + all unregulated exchanges from Btc price/volume calculation to see what happen?
    Btc to 30$ 😀

  3. Avatar Cloud Walker says:

    Coinmarketcap doesn't have the ability to create fake volume on exchanges. They aren't co owners of exchanges

  4. Avatar Cloud Walker says:

    What are your thoughts on coinmarketcap's new block explorer?

  5. this fresh report is very informative, but still think that they show BTC volume on bitfinex correctly

  6. Avatar Vercusgames says:

    These numbers can't be honored. The crypto market is running on IOUs.

  7. Avatar Leo Finzi says:

    I really like the new reporter. Keep it up guys!

  8. Avatar Makubekz says:

    Need a really great alternative to CMC.

  9. Excellent line of thought by CZ. At least, we now know who the real players are. Satowallet Exchange is another platform that reports the right trading volumes likely because they pay holders of their tokens 40% of their trading fees in dividends. They can't fake trading volumes or they'll be screwed.

    Can this mechanism be applied to other exchanges?

  10. Avatar TFV-solar says:

    Crypto will not see massive adoption if all these cheaters are on the ship. A huge change has to come. Cheaters and scammers must be kicked off, or they must become honest. This is the main issue for crypto, to be trustworthy.

  11. Avatar md nawaz says:

    Fake fake crypto is fake because of some thugs people 😡😡😡😡😡

  12. Everyone's entitled to a bad day… even CZ guys 🙂
    For all the good he's done, let's give this cat a break eh🇨🇦

  13. coinmarketcap owners are lazy f?cks who just want ez money for ad space and don't care about customers.
    They know since years about fake volume, but just cash in the referals , now all of a sudden they want to improve when shit hits the fan?
    They haven't change or improved a single code on their website since years. I have never seen such lazy people running any popular site
    and after making so much money with crypto ads and referals. There are lot better sites out there, but people are as lazy as those owners and don't care to change.
    Why even list an exchange when its obviously faking volume? How can you even trust them to not steal your coins at a later date and pull a "quadriga"?
    All these exchanges must be completely REMOVED from sites like coinmarketcap. This crypto space is still full of shit and until its cleaned from 90% BS,
    nobody will trust it.

  14. Would say that the entire crypto market is 90% fake also.

  15. Avatar Anon Pro says:

    Not only for the exchange volume but also for the advertisement they are doing. Lot of advertisements are scammers and i have seen this before. Lot of people depend when they trust an ad from coinmarketcap.

  16. Avatar VentionMGTOW says:

    Coinmarketcap has been shady for a long time now. I switched to alternate services months ago. I switched to opemarketcap recently.

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