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Binance to BLOCK US Customers from Bitcoin and Crypto Trading


Binance to BLOCK US Customers from Bitcoin and Crypto Trading

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Big news concerning Binance and their plans on blocking US customers from Why are they doing this and are we all screwed? Take a look.

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38 thoughts on “Binance to BLOCK US Customers from Bitcoin and Crypto Trading

  1. Avatar Super Dave says:

    Apollo is going to be big!

  2. What do you plan on doing for trading and purchasing of NULS after Binance bans the U.S. ?

  3. The Next binance in the Next year is Nash Exchange! To the Moon! To 20 -25$

  4. Avatar Emma viks says:

    Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, announced a partnership with BAM Trading Services to open a US-based division since according to a recent update in its Terms of Use it “is unable to provide services to any US person.”

  5. Holy Satoshi ! So Binance.US will be the same as just an upgrade for U.S. Customers & just less shitcoins to have to deal with … no prob I’m gon’ do it !

  6. Avatar Jamal Hunt says:

    Our forefathers went to war with the most powerful empire in the world over a tax on tea. And they won!

  7. Avatar p PSMPA says:

    Where's a good place to move the coins from binance?

  8. binance are making another exchange for US users : just type binance dot us

  9. Avatar Simply Human says:

    The juus are gearing up to take over crypto space. Interesting, the last day for US trades on Binance is actually 9-11

  10. Avatar MrBigman says:

    It would be nice if they allow you to use a checking account to buy coins on binance

  11. Avatar Big Mike says:

    There is someone out there that can make a US compliant exchange better than binance without all the BS we have to go through and the "Coinbase" maintenance # suddenly pops up when there's a big move in BTC. Whoever u are we need you now.. would not be surprised if Justin sun tried it with his network.

  12. Avatar l j says:

    "Its going to be huge, its going to be gigantic" No it wont you fucking idiot. Its going to be Coinbase 2.0 with no support for alt coins. Are you people delusional?

  13. Chinese roarback
    In answer of Huwaei punch
    Right in the face of Ussr

  14. Avatar cs maverick says:

    Facebook's coin isn't real crypto.

  15. Avatar twinzturbo says:

    Dude watch Chico Crypto. He constantly blows the whistle on what binance has going on. Its a huge scam, the next mt gox and is a ticking time bomb. Look into it. Decentralized exchanges are what you shouild be using RIGHT NOW. Fuck CZ

  16. Avatar Rich H says:

    CORRECTION, George ! CHAINLINK – LINK launched in September, 2017 has reached an ALL TIME HIGH, as well ! 🙂

  17. Avatar Rick Restivo says:

    Most of the articles I've read about the Binance U.S. exchange are saying that their selection of coins is going to be limited.

  18. Avatar Presto says:

    Man I need to get out of the US

  19. The SEC and FinCEN are criminal agencies, they should be done away with. They do nothing for real people.
    Don't even get me started on SuckerCoin from Fedbook. This is the same guy who has a HORRIBLE record with freedom of speech, a HORRIBLE record on the security of his system, a HORRIBLE record with regards to respect for his customers' personal data, and a HORRIBLE disdain for his customers themselves…do not forget him saying, "they trust me…stupid f&^(@s"
    Great, succinct update as usual, George.

  20. Cant make money off global coin, in the end it will dilute the space putting the money back in the wealthy hands not good at all. The fools will believe in the fake coins.

  21. Avatar R James says:

    Good Binance info.Thanks.

    Bitcoin halving hype getting closer. Łitecoin reward halving August 2019 🌔…🛸

    ‘When you go long you can’t go wrong’

  22. They arent blocking it. They are creating a US based binance at

  23. Avatar Light Raigne says:

    Global coin isnt a crypto in the true sense of the word. It's a digital blockchain currency that will be locked up by regulation and not tradable with any other crypto. It'll only be usable on partnered apps and probably wont be able to be moved off those respective platforms. You will be able to move it from partnered platform to partnered platform and that's it. This is evident by the fact that PayPal and Visa are going to supporting it. Its basically PayPal on blockchain or lino that dlive uses, which also allows PayPal purchases. Theres no chance they will allow you to buy global coin with PayPal and then convert that into bitcoin. If I'm wrong I'll eat my gpu. It wont do anything to help the crypto community and it's the elites attempt to stop bitcoin by replacing it with a shit coin. With a bit of luck it'll be banned in a year of release after some perverts on Facebook try paying for sexual services, I can see it now 🤣🤣🤣. Or better yet some idiots try using Facebook and global coin as a way to buy drugs.

  24. fuck facebook and their coin. this is their attempt to destabilize and take attnlention off bitcoin and crypto

  25. Avatar nice guy says:

    What happens if a U.S. customer has coins on binance, does he have to sell before September 12, 2019

  26. Avatar P1 Noy says:

    Which coins arent going to be on us binanace? Will holochain get delisted?

  27. Avatar John Roberts says:

    Aye aye Captain . Smashed and subscribed as always

  28. Start trading with bitxhash. com and start earning bitcoin daily or weekly no ads, no referral, no fees

  29. Avatar Craig C says:

    This country is gona get left behind…so fucked up

  30. Avatar Be Water says:

    Is a Satoshi backed stable coin possible?

  31. Hey George. Is there a mobile android wallet to put my Nuls on?

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