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Big News From Cointelegraph!

Big News From Cointelegraph!

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Today, we’ve reached 50,000 subscribers! Thank you, guys! You are the ones we make this channel for and are happy that you are here with us!

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18 thoughts on “Big News From Cointelegraph!

  1. Avatar Classborn says:

    Thanks Cointelegraph, keep em coming.

  2. Avatar Noel G says:

    Congratulations! Keep going in same independent way!

  3. Grayscale's second biggest holding after Bitcoin is ether classic 💚
    💚Much Love CoinTelegraph💚

  4. Yeyyyy🍾 & thank you for caring 💚

  5. Avatar Robert Love says:

    You guys are great! Congratulations 🎉

  6. Avatar Bilder Craft says:

    Whoa can't believe someone would actually down vote this?

  7. Congratulations! 👏👏👏

  8. Congrats, will we get a celebration also when btc also hit 50k?

  9. Avatar Ersan Seer says:

    Well deserved. Thanks for the service you provide for the world. As a futurist I predict you'll hit 100k in the next 16 months and 200k within 10 months after that. And I'm being conservative. 😊

  10. Avatar sajawal virk says:

    Congratulations you people are doing good job best off luck

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