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Big BITCOIN Breakout Soon! Bulls or Bears!? 10k or 8k?

Big BITCOIN Breakout Soon! Bulls or Bears!? 10k or 8k?

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2020-01-18 20:16:48 | Duration: 1:7:2 | Views: 17737 | Likes: 986 | Dislikes: 58

Is Bitcoin about to take off like a rocket & MOON!? If Bitcoin breaks a key resistance level (9.2k), the markets might just turn majorly green & retail FOMO wills start to build. But what will happen if BTC doesn’t break it? Will the breakout be down? Bitcoin to 8k? Even Bitcoin to 6k?
Plus, we dive into Ethereum DeFi, Bitcoin SV, Chris Larsen Ripple XRP Surveillance & More. This is a Chico Crypto live stream you don’t want to miss!

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My name is Tyler Swope. First thing I should tell you-- I'm a die-hard crypto investor. I also have a passion for writing, editing, and producing videos. I started investing in bitcoin, in late 2013 and have since grown my diverse crypto portfolio to moonshot levels by investing in Ethereum, NEO, ARK, Ripple, and others. The blockchain, the tech I have coveted for 5 years, is getting woven into the fabric of everyday life. Watch as I spread my knowledge and take crypto reviews and information to the next level. Initiate Chico Crypto!

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47 thoughts on “Big BITCOIN Breakout Soon! Bulls or Bears!? 10k or 8k?

  1. Chico you are the MAN! Just started looking into the crypto world about 3 or 4 months ago and I feel like you have accelerated my knowledge 1,000 x. Keep it up, ignore the haters!

  2. Avatar vegas23 says:

    The worse youtuber of all youtbers is Sunny "Bitconnect" Decree. How or why anyone watches his channel is beyond me. Literally scammed everyone and made over 21 Bitcoins scamming his youtube following gtting them involed in Bitconnect giving him literally free Bitcoin for people signing up under him and depositing on Bitconnect under him. But yet people who don't know any better follow this scam artist and actually listen to this dumbass scam artist. It's amazing how many people are in this space that know nothing about what is truly going on and what has happened in the past so they follow people they shouldn't.

  3. Avatar vegas23 says:

    Let people watch these youtubers and follow their lead. This is the only way people learn by getting burned by coins these idiots are schilling. It either makes them learn or make them leave crypto altogether. Any crypto channel that has been started in the past two years should not be followed or watched because they know nothing about Bitcoin and are new even though they don't think so

  4. Avatar J R says:

    the lottery idea is f retarded. why? it's f variance that is all it is. it simply doesnt matter if i get 0.1 % intrest every single time or if i get a chance of winning 0.5% intrest if i join a pool of 5 people

  5. Avatar ParAnnoyed says:

    your no loss lottery is the same as the UK postal bonds which has been running since the 1930's (just now a blockstream over the trusted authority of the post office.)

  6. Avatar Dane Theisen says:

    Its cold in Chicago. "I bet it is sleepy puppy" LOL

  7. Avatar loukas says:

    @Chico Crypto What do you think about Pi Network? Care to mention some time? It follows the footsteps of Stellar and uses a Federated Byzantine Agreement. It is on Beta now and mining to grow. Best to download and start on your mobile. Follow the link to check, it is only by invite so use my code DataCrawler if anyone wants.

  8. What can you look for to predict the tops/bottoms for ETC?

  9. Avatar mackelby1 says:

    FBI and secret service said the same thing about kirshner. But Trump let that scumbag in the wh

  10. Good live stream, enjoyed that. If you hit the uk and visit the south west – come say hi.

  11. Avatar Kenny says:

    Looks like power back to bears and 8k coming

  12. Avatar Leonard Benn says:

    Ya come to Ireland 💚💚💚

  13. My new favorite crypto youtuber…. The truth always comes to light, keep calling out the fakes bro!

  14. Avatar No Mad says:

    FCK VER & WRIGHT! Let them join up Peter for a LostKeySelfHelp group, lol

  15. Avatar Peter Petrov says:

    Chico, you are incorruptible and we love you for it! But PLEASE don't make us choose between you and Lark, Ivan, Zombie. What are you doing? This is self sabotage! Why are you doing this sh*t? IMHO All of you are awesome! If you have to say something to these guys, why not say it face to face where they can defend their views (or sponsors). 99% of the sounds you make are the same as The Crypto Lark's! You are the "establishment media in crypto." Believe it! Act like it! If we wanted silly goose news and unnecessary drama we would turn on FOX News and CNN! Peace!

    (of sh*t). Am I Wright? No, only Craig Wright is right, lol. Meanwhile, Jamie Dimon is going "YES, high 5, I knew POS like me is the future."

  16. Avatar Alex .b says:

    The fact you can easily admit you where wrong about something with out bullshit excuses gives me much respect towards you

  17. Avatar Eric Grose says:

    Attacking Bitcoin Cash? The flippening is gonna be funny.

  18. I'm going Europe in June, should meet up in Amsterdam 😉

  19. Bitcoin price for January 2021 would be 3500 usd

  20. Hands down! – the best crypto REALITY information and analysis out there – Major Kudos to you Tyler – tellin’ it like it IS.

  21. Wooow, so many ass kisser's on here, dammmn Tyler….you should never have to buy toilet tissue. You can tell these brainwash people anything and they'll believe it because they don't do their own research. Look at them " Tyler can you do this, Tyler can you do that, like search it yourself. Tyler you're not that important to ever cause the market to move up or down, come on, get real now, but yeah these drones on here will believe some dumb bs like that.

  22. Btc unfortunately to 5k in 2 months

  23. Kyber network or zrx? or buy both? Thanks

  24. Avatar E2889E says:

    Turning 1/4 mil to 1k , go to my butmex channel to learn how to do it.

  25. Avatar Raj Bhatt says:

    Why so much hate on technical analysis? The reason people seem to hate technical analysis so much is that they see it as a crystal ball. And also, too many people provide it without studying the underlying theories behind there analysis. There are generally principles relating to a variety of metrics that when combined, can provide insights in to where to place trades in a safe and reasonable manner(or as safe or as reasonable a manner as one decides is right for them).

  26. Avatar Db says:

    Dark & sweet. just like the ladies.

  27. You’re “trash” calling projects like ETC & LTC trash. I don’t see you building anything better. Just taking money to shill other trash..

  28. great video nonetheless the only web-site that made me monnies is just Google EZpay100 .c o m

  29. Avatar rortiz77 says:

    What are the odds that if the NYAG and the courts determine Butfinex and Tether are a fraud and shut them down, what will that do to the market?

    Also, what are the odds they would even be shut down? Or Tether removed?

  30. It’s very wise of you to say “I don’t know” to the God question.

  31. PLEASE MY FRIEND keep us updated concerning your trip in Europe…
    I would love to meet you and I would also create an event for you in the South of France as you deserve it 1000 times … Boat Crypto Party Baby ! You will not forget your trip here, you can believe me and don't forget that I can be your guide and help for multiple services like secret dispensary map 🤣😉🤐 Come on Bro ! Let me know when and where you will be

  32. Avatar SonyJimable says:

    I fear Cardano will go to nothing.

  33. Nice Christmas rally baby……

  34. Avatar Nadir Future says:


  35. Avatar Judge Judy! says:

    Cryptozombie is annoying as hell..

  36. Avatar VioletBlue says:

    Also I was told Blue Apron was at a technical bottom and to buy that? Any opinions??

  37. Avatar VioletBlue says:

    12,800 by next Wed. ❤️🥊

  38. Avatar Andres says:

    Hex is a smart contract you can audit. So how is it a Ponzi? Just go look at the code.

  39. Avatar RicThai63 says:

    The "Crypto Guevara" … that's a good one.

  40. Avatar Steven Hubbs says:

    $10K is coming; $8K is support now; LTC is not garbage

  41. Avatar Tomas Av. says:


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