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BEAR MARKET OVER According to Experts | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

BEAR MARKET OVER According to Experts | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2019-03-28 17:20:08 | Duration: 42:47 | Views: 7254 | Likes: 388 | Dislikes: 20

Is the Bear Market Over? Tune in and find out!

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37 thoughts on “BEAR MARKET OVER According to Experts | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

  1. Avatar CryptosRUs says:

    Join for more analysis and insight into the market. Check out the shop for Bitcoin and Crypto merchandise:

  2. Avatar SeekTheGurus says:

    Remember: in Venezuela, They use BTC to purchase eggs at the grocery store without using suitcases of cash that aren't enough by the time they get to the checkout line. It's not millennials in Warby Parker glasses saying "When Lambo?" 🙂

  3. Avatar ScubaMatt says:

    A really solid live stream this one George; thanks a bunch mate!

  4. Avatar Andy H. Tu says:

    Tokenpay and Naked acquisition. We only have a basic understanding of the deal but tokenpay twitter has made the rationale fairly clear, they have shown an interest in crypto integration, their shares were undervalued and we have a voting percentage to help influence the incorporation. They have a good reach it seems "Products are available in 44 countries worldwide through 6,000+ retail doors, a growing network of E-commerce sites and 61 company-owned Bendon retail and outlet stores in Australia and New Zealand. Naked Brand Group global supply chain controls sourcing, manufacturing and production at over 30 partner facilities. Its just our interpretation and not speaking from a position of knowledge.

  5. Avatar Macroco says:

    Same experts that called for a 50k btc by mid 2018?

  6. I’m gay and I hold chainlink

  7. Avatar Wideolink says:

    World goverments will support crypto as cryptomarket is actually beneficial for the economy ! No more black market; easy , fast and cheap transactions! EVERYTHING IS TRACKED! iTS ACTUALLY LESS PRIVATE , all transactions can be found on blockchain ! Its transparent and law abiding. More taxes, profits and gains are tracked. To the Moon!

  8. Avatar coldkidc says:

    Free XLM from Coinbase for – 5 videos, 2-3 minutes long for $10 of XLM –

  9. Dig it bro: I think we are approaching a tipping point where the fundamentals will trigger a non-logical bull run, there is just too much "news" piling up, it is insane.

  10. Avatar OhGeeGanksta says:

    In the long run I’m sure we can “double”. Of course, to be fair, doubling could mean a lot of things depending on their entry point.

  11. Avatar Brian Kim says:

    The question is how do you know it’s going to reach $55,000 when there could be a recession going on at 2020

  12. Avatar D Tacherra says:

    Lol i watch this guy often, still, knowing its a fat fucking bubble.

  13. Avatar Craig Neeve says:

    when the experts are calling for the bear market to be over, you know its a great time to short the market if you are into this

  14. Who else got a message from ledger saying their nano x delivery is delayed ???

  15. Avatar R James says:

    Yep! I think the last bear market ended in 2015 at the time of the last Łitecoin Block reward halving!

    Next Łitecoin halving due this Summer 2019! Then 2020 Bitcoin halving ‘kicks in’ to ‘cement in’ the uptrend!

  16. Avatar Eric Manes says:

    Hey George. How about an episode on favorite cryptocurrencies of institutional investors? Loved your LEGO world yesterday!!

  17. Love your Legomania obsession!!! I'm eyeing the Lego Technics Bugatti kit!

  18. Avatar D K says:

    Im pretty sure that it was tokenpay who funded 80%+ of the pornhub verge deal too.

  19. Avatar MavVRX says:

    Qtum intergrating EOS by the way

  20. We need another bull run so George can buy off Legoland

  21. Apollo Currency best for make profit !!!

  22. Things look like shit BTC can't move up while scam coins continue to get all of the attention and money between that and wash trading crypto looks terrible

  23. Avatar Charlie D says:

    That's good news George thank you.

  24. Avatar Tim Ulrey says:

    I don't know of any experts who are not bearish or claiming consolidation in a range. Not one who is bullish mid or short term. Who are these experts? I'm interested to know.
    The positive news now is more likely like the news seen between $10K and $19K, publicity was with the specific purpose to get retail money in so experts could sell to them before the drop…
    Sorry to be a party pooper but the sentiment really should be "be cautious… we're almost definitely going to retest the bottom of our range any day now if not break below it."
    The best TA quote today was about the candle close (month & quarter). It needs to be over 3970 ish. If not, we're absolutely retesting 3200-3500 range with high chance of breaking to 2400 ish.

  25. India will allow Crypto! Tight regulations! Believe!

  26. Avatar TenPence says:

    Daily RSI looks good, but look at weekly RSI…

  27. BCH has a lot of development going on (badger wallet, cashaddr,SLP, sighash, cointext ), your negative opinion about BCH seems mostly personal and based on the November fork with the shenanigans of Craig Wright. I would like to see an unbiased video about the lightning network and explain the need of watch towers, centralized hubs and the problems of funding/spending because someone else spent through your channel, there are plenty of videos out there showcasing the inherit flaws of LN, what is your opinion on it? I am genuinely interested as a user of cryptocurrencies and not a speculator.

  28. Avatar Rs S says:

    Can you talk about how Justin Sun faked the tesla giveaway? Seems shady of him

  29. Thanks for the research, facts and fundamentals, George! Love ya!

  30. Avatar DBLOCK ROBI says:

    can bitcoin and other crypto currency scale any better then they did in 2017? This is just a question not a comment. I really like to hear the answer to this question.

  31. Avatar Lindsay says:

    Everyone is saying its going down so i say its going up. 4300 again *fingers crossed

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