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#AltCoinDaily: Wow! CME Revealed Bitcoin Update! Cardano Interoperability | Tron & BitTorrent Token News! [Crypto]


Wow! CME Revealed Bitcoin Update! Cardano Interoperability | Tron & BitTorrent Token News! [Crypto]

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CME Chairman Admits Bitcoin’s Finite Amount is a Problem

Tron’s BitTorrent Launching Snapchat Competitor, Integrating Its Native Crypto BTT

IOHK Founder Charles Hoskinson Says Crypto Industry Needs More Interoperability

Japan: Largest Railway Company JR East Considers Accepting Crypto For The Whole Nation

Japan: Largest Railway Company JR East Considers Accepting Crypto For the Whole Nation

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43 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: Wow! CME Revealed Bitcoin Update! Cardano Interoperability | Tron & BitTorrent Token News! [Crypto]

  1. Avatar Mc Bane says:

    I have bought KCS at $0.38 in mid Febuary and sold it at $0.98 the 19th of March. I have decided to sell it because it was great gain during a bear market. Of course, i was a bit sad when i saw KCS go above $2.00. But, a profit is better than a lost!

  2. Another Great Video A Team ….. May I Suggest You Make A Report On What The Top Alt Coin Possibility’s Are For A Spring / Summer Breakout

  3. Avatar Melbnolan says:

    Today’s financial framework is going away.

  4. Avatar TMI Fanboy says:

    Cardano will be 15 usd by the end of 2020.

    Also: check out Ambrosus (AMB)

  5. I really exciting about tron tether partnership, and they offer some nice deals now

  6. [Breaking News] Hackers Stole Nearly $19 Million Worth of Cryptocurrencies from #Bithumb Exchange
    – @TheHackersNews #BYOB#ThoreExchange An exchange built on the blockchain is ‘#Trustless decided to completely eliminate trust from Crypto relations#EveryWalletisPrivateWallet. Now here is a new emerging exchange to invest in for speculatively multiple X soon TCH @ ~ a quarter of a penny. 👀Research. If you are interested in exchanges, it is worth a 👀. I own none at this time but this project has been on my radar. Thor I believe will see a lot of usage throughout the adoption phase in the Asian market and beyond.

  7. Avatar Jeremy B says:

    Check out XBASE 🙏 …
    Thanks for your videos 🤜🤛…

  8. Avatar Naha Ktam says:

    JR East is HUGE. Without JR, you cannot travel in Japan – Japan runs on JR!

  9. Avatar Zorro Pai says:

    It is realy a problem… 🙂 They can not print it. 🙂

  10. Your sigh around minute 5 says it all.

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  12. Honestly altcoin you make really good videos with good contents and honestly they posses so much information and I can say you're one of the most educative in the cryptocurrency world. I respect you a lot and I always learn a thing or two whenever I come across any of your videos thank you . nevertheless in the past I was actually a buy and hold kind of person and it did me some good at first but almost ruined me in the long run, I lost a significant amount of money and It got to a point where I almost gave up on cryptocurrency completely and selling of what I had left which was (10 btc) at that time. Profesionals like you and Dani Thompson gave me courage, strength and good strategies to make good profit off BTC. I still remembered when I reached out to you and you recommended Dani Thompson to me and today With his technical analysis I am well informed and I have better experience about his trade strategies and signals, I thank you and appreciate you so much for this. Now I make consistent profit and it keep growing in the region of 350% to $450 ROI weekly. For other traders out there always remember that as an entrepreneur and bitcoin trader, always have in mind that in order to make significant profit in cryptocurrency you should never get emotional when making decisions rather be confident and apply wisdom. you’ve got to know when to hold, fold and walk away completely and I can assure you that with a good combination of professional strategies, signals and guidance you will make good profit off cryptocurrency and this is based on my personal experience with Dani Thompson. He got a good system that gives consistent profit and if you're looking to get in touch with him and make your own enquires and get professional guidance that I got. You can reach him on ([email protected])

    Happy trading everyone.

  13. Avatar Metal Bum says:

    Interesting about kucoin and these echange coins… makes sense since there's actually use cases
    I hope you all are investing in other forms of investing stocks, bonds, and of course precious metals. I got into Silver and Gold after the crypto bubble… I lost $90k in bitcoin

  14. Avatar JR says:

    I sold 10,000 XRP a month ago. Bought Binance and increased my ADA. Bought VERGE with the profits I made in BNB. Selling my ADA when it gets to 10c and buying back XRP, at 31 Cents.

  15. Really exchange coins? I wonder what guys have to say about BTMX

  16. Avatar Jonathan G says:

    I live in Tokyo and the Suica card is used for many things other than just riding the train, including convenience stores which are huge in Japan. With that being said I regularly ask the Japanese about crypto and many do not seem to know what that is. I am located in downtown Tokyo! I feel Japan itself has a mystique of being a very forward tech nation but many stores are still cash only. Just my thoughts

  17. Anyone watching whats happening to the youtuber Sunny Decree, I think he just got sued, by some cryptoking Ian Balian for spred dirt on him..Becoz he dont store his keys safely..

  18. Avatar Audrey Sorg says:

    It's a problem for them because they can't keep printing money.

  19. BNB, TRX and USDT-TRON became 50% of my portfolio this year..

  20. Dear Terry, please give yourself an uppercut

  21. Avatar Peter Petrov says:

    Is Terry Duffy trolling himself? Wawawiwa we erected statue in Kazakhstan most beautiful men in Kazakhstan its a very nice

  22. Avatar Geoff Cree says:

    Stable coins….yeah good for institutions and fiat….not good for what crypto was designed for decentralisation.

  23. Avatar Geoff Cree says:

    Nope not taking profits keep buying ADA.

  24. Avatar Monk Studio says:

    Bu-bye, bye bye Terry!

  25. Bunch of old men/women who don't get it. Butt hurt over something that will make them useless and have no control. If you control the money, you have power over the people. Crypto is poised to rip that wide open and government is scared

  26. Avatar Decebal825 says:

    to Terry just stated that he does not like bitcoin's finite supply because companies like his own cannot manipulate the asset that has a limited supply. and therefor cannot make money as usual with other Fiat assets..would you agree with that?

  27. Avatar 2Fast 4You says:

    Guys, I really think Tron will win this fight long run🏃! Too many nice projects and dApps.
    Lately I was looking at Beatzcoin on trx platform which I think is also collaborating with BTT. Anyone else looking at it ?

  28. Avatar fiat is king says:

    These guys just don't want to let go of their fiat.

  29. Avatar Abd Rh. says:

    Thank u very much. Have a great day.

  30. Avatar Roy Randolph says:

    SO the bigger question, what happens to BITCOIN when in approximately the year 2140 all BTC is mined? Of course, no one here will have to worry about that issue.

  31. Avatar Voltaire says:

    It worries me that the SEC chariman doesn't understand math. Namely long-term division.

  32. Hello cyrpto Fam! This comment is off topic but if you would like to earn up to $50 in Stellar Lumens (XLM), through coinbase earn copy and paste this link!
    This is a great community here any support is greatly appreciated, and as always great video today Austin keep up the good work!!

  33. Avatar Blue Sky says:

    Finite supply of bitcoin is a problem for CME. They can't control the price to short bitcoin anymore 🙂

  34. Avatar James Hanley says:

    There's not even 21mil there's only about 16m.

  35. Avatar Linux Lewis says:

    Hey Everyone! The 1st episode of the new Bitcoin cartoon just came out and it's pretty awesome!
    Check it out on YouTube, it's called 'Bitcoin and friends'.
    (NSFW) Lol

  36. Avatar Gary Vaughan says:

    Isn’t the idea of crypto to get away from today’s failing framework

  37. Avatar ligneusBC. says:

    People like Duffy dont get it, when the penny finally drops it will be to late for them.

  38. Avatar emonty999 says:

    XRP, ILP, the 21st Century Bridge of Value

  39. wow nice i trade and its really making great sense and i'm earning perfectly all you need is mentor ship and gain more access please feel free to ask for help i'm here anytime any day just whatsapp me +18138241270

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