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#AltCoinDaily: When Will Bitcoin Gain Mass Adoption? Is It Even Possible? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Altcoin]


When Will Bitcoin Gain Mass Adoption? Is It Even Possible? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Altcoin]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

Let’s talk about what it’s actually going to take to gain mass adoption. Some say we have another 10-20 years to wait. Let’s compare Crypto to the internet, email, and other money revolutions. Great video today. Watch it.

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Link to the video I shared:

***Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research.

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39 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: When Will Bitcoin Gain Mass Adoption? Is It Even Possible? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Altcoin]

  1. In all seriousness, how long do you think before we see mass adoption? Let us know! I'll be reading the comment.

  2. Avatar Sean Maxwell says:

    Were going to the moon!

  3. Avatar D Based says:

    Huge stretch for anyone to compare crypto to the internet, the internet was and will remain the biggest breakthrough of our lifetimes.

  4. Avatar Wendy Hill says:

    There are too many account managers out there how sure are you he's the real deal?

  5. Well let's compare it to the adoption of search engine and internet tech in the late 1990's. Many people didn't care about or barely understood the tech… but they were fascinated by the profits people were making investing in the companies. Once they got investing, they became interested and advocates of the tech itself as consumers. It's the profits investing that attracted mass attention and mass adoption, as much as the usability of the tech. Aside from that, all that's needed is for cryptos to be easily spendable via cards and phone apps and adoption can be rapid.

  6. Avatar Pun Jab I says:

    Not possible. Why? It is being used to HOARD WEALTH! IT IS A HOARDING VEHICLE! PEOPLE WILL HOARD!

  7. I think the game will all change in 2020…it's just too symbolic

  8. Avatar Dose Music says:

    Can you do a episode on electroneum?

  9. These how fast everything moves w technology.I say 4 years

  10. Avatar Zach H says:

    I think too we can all play a part in advancing this thing. For instance, planting seeds. I work in the offfice at an automotive business and while we dont accept btc or any form of crypto as payment, i still "jokingly" ask our customers "are you paying cash, check ,charge or btc?" Some ask "what is btc" an most dont, butthey hear it and the seed is planted. We can all do this when we shop…"do you accept btc?" Doesnt mean we intend to pay for our fries and soda with our btc…its just planting seeds. Its a little psychology and if enough of us do it, it the faster that more people will hear of it and be more comfortable with it. Try it!!

  11. Avatar Ash-kun says:

    when its easier to manage and spend

  12. Avatar Ted says:

    On average BITCOIN adds a Zero Every 2 Years…

    2009 – $0 ☹️
    2011 – $10 🙁
    2013 – $100 😐
    2015 – $1,000 🙂
    2017 – $10,000 😀
    2019 – $100,000 😃
    2021 – $1,000,000 🤩

  13. Avatar Zach H says:

    Great topic! Because it is what we all need to make some dough being the "early adopters" that we tout ourselves to be. You said it…it need to be the norm. We need to start hearing at POS / cashiers "how are u paying for that cash, check, charge, crypto?" The internet sale is first and we see it already on some sites, but when you can use it at convenience stores and gas stations, then we will already be full force in it. We traded for clothes, then bought them at bazaars, then on tv at home shopping club, now online. This same thing should happen with money…an evolution, i mean. It will happen, i just know it. I hope sooner rather than later though.

  14. Avatar keith nelson says:

    There is also a wealth of knowledge here…. Great info on cryptocurrency markets and investment strategies. Check it out!!!

  15. Avatar Crypto Tone says:

    Great video man. I think we need to put into perspective how fast bitcoin is moving in relation to technology history. Whatsapp solves a huge problem for people to call family oversees for free using WiFi. Took maybe 2 years, Facebook bought it and now it’s used everywhere. No more calling cards. Email took longer because the current tech was not in place for regular people to use. In bitcoins case, like WhatsApp, the tech is already in place. With that being said, I’ll cut this short and say 3-5 years max. Also put into consideration that the price will rise and people will be euphoric again. They will fomo and begin to use

  16. Avatar Mr Cet says:


  17. Avatar Chris Rock says:

    What if quantum computers make them obsolete or come up with something uncrackable

  18. Avatar George K says:

    I think LTC and BCC for day to day purchasing. BTC way too slow. I believe that tech is increasing exponentially and 400 yrs for paper money, 50 years for credit cards, 10 years for crypto. I hope because I'm an old guy over 60!😢

  19. Avatar davegadge1 says:

    I think 10 years to see mass adoption and mass adoption means your grandma can use it!

  20. Avatar Flavius Tech says:

    When it become more stable then dollar 😀

  21. Avatar Lina Tanase says:

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  22. Avatar Not Chosen says:

    I do not consider myself to be very crypto aware ,I got into crypto eight months ago ,My humble opinion is this ,The coin to take over is all down to the psychology ,More and more people ask me about bitcoin and they all have one comment in common,Oh that's what they use on the dark web,Now like it or not most people have only a limited knowledge of computer operations and they base their judgements on what they hear ,All the advertising in the world won't convince these people to trust your coin,They need to hear good things your coin is doing not how great your tech is ,Hope I don't offend

  23. Hi mates
    Great video
    My holding is for 5/10 years
    I believe will take good 15 years maybe early ….

  24. Crypto currency full potential in 4-5 yrs. hodl!!!

  25. Avatar How I made says:

    its hard to was not money. with money theres regulations and taxes

  26. Avatar Crypto Lubic says:

    BTC…$3,536.56…Why ??? only started mid march with any crypto…listened to a many of a opinion…
    Watched a many of a Graph…But I'm a Master Carpenter…Your Angles Don't Match…Think Outside of the box @@

  27. Avatar iircaz kebab says:

    Yeah specially now when trump will make illegal to invest in chinese tech investment and chinese are not allowed to invest in american tech investments.. so now the only way is mass adoption, just imagine the internet censorship the chinese have, (justin is very against censorship) using tron they can access everything (now even spacety partnership) so just that the chinese can access west porn is enough (lol) and the new generation is so used with tokens like steam gaming or any kind of tokens, now george soros invested 160$ million to make a token platform check out tzero dot com! just think about this! and no costs nothing its just 1 thing of 100000 they can do, sadly the rich will use this to own everything without any regulations from governments!

  28. Avatar Sgt. Crypto says:

    It’s going to take 20 years for full adoption.

  29. Avatar The Jers says:

    I feel like you added very little insight into this discussion. You did present these news sources in a digestible manner but I don’t think your commentary was especially valuable. In the future could you find a few different news sources with varying views on the topic in question and weigh their arguments? That way you are contributing to the discussion instead of regurgitating what is already written. I am a new subscriber and I think your digestible manner of communicating information is good but it has no value if you are just reading blips from a single article. Also if you are playing videos from other channels for more than 15 seconds without approval or commentary your videos may be subject to removal. You are small enough where it doesn’t matter right now. But in the future it may.

  30. Avatar Lolocaust says:

    Crypto will be used, but not bitcoin for sure

  31. Avatar Dimension 9 says:

    I don’t think bitcoin will. Some crypto will but it’s going to take 5-8 years and alot of what we see now will be obsolete by then-including BTC…it’s going to need to be much, much easier for the masses to use. I’ve been in crypto a year and I’ve had all sorts of problems this weekend with trying to sort out an EOS wallet and a Agama wallet. It’s going to need to be vastly more user friendly before it gets anywhere near mass adoption. I think it will be business that adopts first-stuff like vechain and Walton chain and things like medical chain will lead to a massive rise in uptake as business’ rush to take advantage of the new tech. Only after this will it be used as money…

  32. all we need to start the next bull run is an ETF

  33. In the words of Tim Draper, he said in 5 years we will go to Starbucks for coffee and they ill laugh at us when we use fiat currency. It also depends on few things, If the USA has an economic crash will be sooner then 5 years because people transfer over much faster if we have a crash in the stock market and the dollar crashes and Most venture capitalists think we will have the biggest crash in history because of all the bonds that Obama bought every month to prop up the economy falsely. Lot of people think in the next six months we will be in the biggest crash of are lifetimes.

  34. I think 5 years! emails took 20 y because internet wasn t used that much at the time ,now it is , and society now days run much faster then 20/ 30 years ago specially on portable devices the speed of news !its paratically instant !

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