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#AltCoinDaily: WARNING: The Mainstream Media is DUMB | Do Your Own Research | Just Buy #Bitcoin


WARNING: The Mainstream Media is DUMB | Do Your Own Research | Just Buy #Bitcoin

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Social Capital’s Palihapitiya says bitcoin is ‘schmuck insurance you have under your mattress’

Fidelity International are testing cryptocurrency launch


China Fast-Tracks Central Bank Cryptocurrency to Fight Facebook’s Libra

Samsung releases Ethereum blockchain SDK beta for the latest Galaxy smartphones

Samsung Blockchain SDK

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This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research.

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40 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: WARNING: The Mainstream Media is DUMB | Do Your Own Research | Just Buy #Bitcoin

  1. Another video with value!

  2. Avatar ch282 says:

    the bitcoin is derp insurance you put under your mattress

  3. Avatar XpsZero says:

    Been in crypto for 2+ years.. For the new comers .. Use Coinbase to buy btc , Download exodus to store btc on your pc and not the exchanges, sit and wait 5 years and enjoy 😉

  4. Avatar SetTheCurve says:

    Yay, more currencies. My interest in Bitcoin is diluted even further.

    Also, what's all this about "adoption"? Every time I bring up usage people come at me saying "store of value, no need for usage". Adoption of what exactly?

  5. Avatar Lynn Wood says:

    Big finance is moving to have Bitcoin outlawed.

  6. Avatar DaKingaKings says:

    I have been into BTC since 2010. I am laughing all the way to (definitely NOT to the bank) my Ledger X😁.

  7. Avatar David B says:

    Been in the crypto space for over 3 years and I've said this dozens of times….regardless of what the alts do or have done…if you would just buy BTC and HODL'd instead of trying to trade the alts looking for that 500% moon shot you'll come out far better! The alts volatility looks attractive for swing trading but the sure thing is BTC!!!

  8. Avatar Luv2 HODL says:

    New people are lucky 🍀 so many on and off ramps. No more buying btc to trade for alt then trying to find a way to store it

  9. Avatar Martin Long says:

    Get ready for XRP balloon ride

  10. Avatar Marc D says:

    Just play the damn clip!!

  11. Avatar Han Sagan says:

    Alt Season is here soon

  12. Facebook coin as its present plan is A centralized platform controlled by Corporations vs central banks present control! The big corporations will just repeat the failures of the present system ! On the positive side,all the blockchain hype and publicity will be good for the crypto that are decentralized , controlled by no one except the community ownership with no counter party risk … However,only the chains that have widespread acceptance will survive ! Do your research and choose wisely ,be patient and hold for the future ! Only invest what you can afford to loose… The future world of Money and Finance has arrived and the Banks ,Corporations and World Governments are terrified of loosing control and power over the monetary system ! Good luck and be smart!

  13. Avatar grateful says:

    Here's my comment…
    Crypto Analysts and COIN/TOKEN holders in the space have been tremendously understating the significance of this asset class, and they've been underestimating the power, scope and USEFULNESS of Blockchain technology….

    USEFULNESS is the word and order of the day; and these assets (The useful ones) are going to explode because of it…… It is the practical/functional, time saving, and money saving USEFULNESS for business, and the sheer ability of Blockchain and Holochain technology, to make transactions EASIER, that will propel these tokens and coins to multiplied Trillions in Market cap…. Period.

    That is my objective assessment.

    Many conservative price predictions, of top 20 tokens and coins have been off by a longshot; and I believe without a shadow of a doubt, that within 5 years; EVERY Top 10 Coin/Token will have a Trillion or more dollar Market cap…. And EVERY Top 20 coin and/or token, will Have $100,000,000,000 or more Market cap.

    Driven by sheer "rubber meets road" USEFULNESS!

    Rippple XRP = USEFULL
    STELLAR Lumens = Absolutely USEFULL
    HOLOCHAIN = Absolutely USEFULL!

    There are at least a dozen other coins with the same usefulness….. GET YOUR BAGS!

  14. Avatar Punctus says:

    The biggest thing I've realized is that you'll always feel like you missed the bus. Just dollar cost average yourself in and then forget the bus and take the space shuttle.

  15. Avatar Walt 2D2 says:

    NEVER BUY ABOVE VWAP – Learn what the VWAP indicator is ….. AND NEVER … EVER … BUY ABOVE IT !! Thats the best advice I can give to new people .. Good luck .. and Ill see you on the moon my friends =)

  16. Avatar Perfecta DOE says:

    Can you do me favor? Go on CMC and review some of the coins on the 2nd and 3rd page. Some coins that were popular like quantstamp and nucleas vision are there.

  17. I started getting into crypto in April ‘18. I’ve owned up to 10 different cryptocurrencies. After learning and personal experience, I’ve sold all my alts and currently all in on bitcoin. There is so much to know about cryptocurrencies, I still learn new things to this day. My best advice to anyone starting off with crypto is to learn as much as you can, about bitcoin, alt coins, the stock market, foreign markets, economics, technical analysis, etc. Theres no rush to start buying as cryptocurrencies your first day. Be patient and learn as much as you can!

  18. Avatar M.M Tera says:

    Early days was when 1 BTC was valued at $0.15

  19. I have been in to crypto for over two years bought so many alts no Bitcoin, taken big losses after watching a specific utuber not doing my own research, but have learnt a lot. now a Bitcoin investor, only have alts in top ten, happy now to hodl and keep dropping fiat into Bitcoin. I am confident and happy in this strategy.

  20. I gotta say, I’m getting a lot of respect for the king—-bitcoin!!

  21. Avatar x_factor says:

    Watch very little news about Bitcoin. Bitcoin has much less to do with fundamentals as it does with technicals. Bitcoin is king. It will always be king. It will never be overtaken by any other coin. BTC dominance will reach 80 to 90%. Most alts, including the likes of XRP, Stellar, and other so called top tier alts will be virtually worthless. If you are in Crypto for money, buy bitcoin and store it on a cold wallet and forget about it. You'll be glad you did. Most alts are big ass hype train on the track to nowhere.

  22. Avatar L R says:

    I found value in this video

  23. Avatar Yaacov says:

    Adoption is huge – Keep up the good work Aaron and Austin

  24. Avatar Yaacov says:

    CNBC Bullish! Sell LOL

  25. No one really knows what is going to happen. 6 months ago everyone saying buy altcoins they are a all time lows now all you tubers just buy bitcoin. Its a joke to late for that advise i am afraid to say. Who knows next week altcoins may fly. All you tubers will be buy this alt invest in this alt. Not financial advise though lol. Cheers have a great day

  26. Great Video. Maybe You can make a Video about Cash Out strategy? When Bitcoin will Hit new ATH IT will be better to be prepared. Have a good day.

  27. Great video, been in Crypto since Feb 2018 :-), the future looks so bright for us.

    Advice for new people:
    – Balls of steel
    – Understand you are already a millionaire hold strong.
    – Don't allow anyone to sway your mind, show them the middle finger.
    – It's your money, you worked for it, you decide what to do with it.
    – Always, always remember if you are hurting because of market pull back we all are you are not alone.
    – Surround yourself with positive, like minded and enlightened people.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  28. i just started light learning about the space about a year ago (maybe a bit less) & luckily i waited until just after the New Year to become financially involved. the take away from this is that it takes time to educate oneself before actually putting skin in the game… or you can end up like the guys wayching CNBC in early January….

  29. Avatar Rah archa says:

    I advise to transfer your coins in Telegram tokens on newgram. pro/sale-GRAM , because the coin from Telegram will make at least 5 X-es after floatation anyway!

  30. Avatar Tanbone says:

    I’ve been knowing that

  31. Avatar Kutah says:

    Why is the earliest video down again? Changed your opinion?

  32. Avatar Willem Wuis says:

    And now instead of telling you to buy Ripple(XRP). They are telling you to buy Bitcoin… So I will do the opposite! 😉

  33. Since my first purchase in Aug. 2018, we've moved from early-early-early adoption of BTC (in particular) to early-early adoption. Soon, it will simply be "early"… then, one day, it will be late. There are only 17 million BTC in circulation, for a world population of 7.25 billion. You do the math.

  34. Avatar Jacob Mims says:

    Been in the space since July 2017. The number one thing I've learned in that time is that it is ALWAYS a good time to buy Bitcoin.

  35. Avatar Danz Ada says:

    E P H I P H A N Y!!

  36. Avatar K G says:

    I bought bch today and an hour later it drops 20%

  37. I’ve learnt in the last 3 years to not listen what they say but watch what they do

  38. I’m in crypto since 2016. First for payments. Since November 2016 I’m hodling

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