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#AltCoinDaily: Warning: I Think Bitcoin Is Going Under 3K…Here Is Why? [Altcoins I Bought]


Warning: I Think Bitcoin Is Going Under 3K…Here Is Why? [Altcoins I Bought]

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Bitcoin is continuing to crash. We dipped to 3,600 and are barely holding…

I think we will go lower. But I am still bullish on Bitcoin’s future.

Watch this video and find out what altcoins I am buying.

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Buying a Subway sub with Bitcoin

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20 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: Warning: I Think Bitcoin Is Going Under 3K…Here Is Why? [Altcoins I Bought]

  1. Avatar Scott says:

    This video is why I have subscribed. Great video Sunny.

  2. I'll start buying in around $1900. Then I'll dollar-cost-average all the way down to the bottom. I believe bitcoin will be worth $35k+ in a few years.

  3. Avatar CrookedBlu says:

    Cost average is for baggholders…I get it..problem is you did not sell when it was high!

  4. Margot explains whats going on with crypto best in this 2015 Big Short scene. Just replace the words of subprime with crypto
    Or look at the longer version answer here

    Would love to see someone make a movie about how CME, Nasdaq, Cryptofacilities, and Interncontinental Exchange are fleecing Bitcoin, XRP, LTC, and ETH holders with shorting/futures contracts. I would pay to see that. But it has to have a hot model to explain it like Margot. No one reads links anymore

  5. Warning I will predict 1000 different things so at least one of them is true and this biasly claim I predicted what happened.

  6. Avatar roberto R says:

    Bitcoin is digital tulips for millennial morons who know nothing about investing or history.

  7. Yeah, you definitely have to check out Bitcore (BTX) I think its one of the few coins, that has a great tech, team and community. Only 21mln supply and its much faster than bitcoin with lower transaction fees! imo huge future for bitcore

  8. Avatar Will g says:

    Yes i'm buying at the 3,5 2,5 and 1k levels should each one present itself over the next year

  9. Avatar Noel G says:

    I want more cheap btc.

  10. Avatar PessOmist says:

    Was about to buy a huge batch of mining equipment, Figured I would save the trouble at this point, and just buy 1 bitcoin to hold.

  11. Avatar Tada Beats says:

    Your giving me hope in this thing right now. I bought at 9k 😷

  12. how stupid must you be to see an impact by month, prices are made by offer and demand, not month

  13. I invested in 11 years ago. I’m happy and I’m staying ❤️

  14. Avatar Shane Lunde says:

    First off, THANK YOU. Even more so now it is necessary to have a realistic non-hopium filled perspective. Don't get me wrong, I am very bullish on the crypto space overall but as of in this moment and time, this market cycle.. its rough. I truly couldn't be happier when I saw Bitcoin break 6k because all I could think about was " this is my chance". For average joe to be able to afford what could possibly be pivotal point for the entirety of monetary systems to come, or lack of. This is our revolution, this is our time, forms of decentralization of our wealth and being able to truly put it back in our hands will change everything. Keep it up man.

  15. Avatar princed47130 says:

    WOW!!! Curt language. SHEESH!!!! I turned on the bell notification, but I may not now.

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