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#AltCoinDaily: Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: Cardano, EOS, Ripple, Tron, Pundi X [Bitcoin News]


Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: Cardano, EOS, Ripple, Tron, Pundi X [Bitcoin News]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, China, Visa, Zcash, Vechain and Cardano. BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

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Newsflash: Canadian Bitcoin Exchange ‘Hacked,’ Says All Funds are Gone

Dedicated Podcast for Cardano (ADA) to Launch in November

EOS Became The Most Used Blockchain

Tron [TRX] creates new transaction record with other developments pushing for mainstream adoption

Ripple Hires Key Player at Google as XRP Expands on Two New Crypto Exchanges

Ripple Hires Key Player at Google as XRP Expands on Two New Crypto Exchanges

Dubai residents can soon pay school fees, bills via blockchain payment platform

Dubai residents can soon pay school fees, bills via blockchain payment platform


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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28 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: Cardano, EOS, Ripple, Tron, Pundi X [Bitcoin News]

  1. I think it is worse than Denver traffic.

  2. Great Video man!!! This is more of services to humanity,i enjoyed same from genius like you [email protected] God bless you all

  3. Avatar behzad hei says:

    Monthly income is at least $ 4,000 Bitcoin extraction via CPU After downloading and installing a browser, open your browser. Each subset will increase your revenue. This browser has up to 1 million installed …

  4. Avatar ETelf3 says:

    Cover CVC and Salt lending please

  5. Avatar smon lolz says:

    Great video! Can you check out zinc they are creating a decentralised hiring platform like a decentralised linkedin they recently went live with main net and you can test it out on their website. Booking.Com was one of the customers beta testing their project.

  6. Avatar Crypto Twzh says:

    bro sorry but your "Bitcoin News" format is unnecessary. Everything you mention is maybe good to know but has no use case. I mean you repeat any news …. man no one cares about the dedicated podcast of cardano or anything else. Nothing is shown in price, its all just unimportant stuff. These titles are pure clickbait and not realistic. For example: "Fidelity will bring BTC to 15k by June". Just by reading the title the usual educated person who is involved in crypto would not click on it because the title is something totally stupid. I try to be friendly but stick to the important things. I watch ur vids but I almost skip unimportant parts in any of ur videos. Change your important / unimportant ratio please 😀
    Btw: Its just feedback.

  7. Mukesh Sharma:
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  8. Avatar Philson says:

    TRX and XRP is trash. But other than that, good video.

  9. Avatar Jeff T says:

    Just found you, Dan, from The Chart Guys recommended your video 10.30.18

    I have a question about TRIG/ETH, something weird going on.
    Thank You
    Jeff T

  10. I like NEO because it’s established and produces dividends.
    Ethos has a pretty cool wallet.
    Zillica seems like a good project.
    Iota is unique
    Icon also seems like a winner.
    Any of those would be good

  11. What's your thoughts on etherium?

  12. Do i have to pay you to review the TREOS WP?

  13. Avatar stan rabbit says:

    Aha Bitshares and EOS both Projects by Dan.L. so 71,4 % ,, who is realy using Bitshares? whats the Volume of Bitshares? Which modified numbers did they realy used for this conclusion? .

  14. Avatar 4173 says:

    bitcoin went down to 6.3 today

  15. Avatar iulian lilea says:

    Lets make cardano great again. Big fan of Ada

  16. Avatar Ron Martinez says:

    Best time to invest in #Veros right now! Lots of big upcoming events for November! |

  17. Avatar Jeremiah Lim says:

    Korean whales are dumping Bitcoin on Bithumb exchange after they read my comments in media. This is why BTC is trading at a discount in Korea…a reversal from premium even a few weeks ago. The comment was…The founders of original Bitcoin are likely to be co founders of Bitcoin Diamond. The whitepaper of original Bitcoin states a peer to peer decentralised currency for e commerce. But we have over 1000 cryptos and not one has a e commerce store. Only Bitcoin Diamond has a e commerce store that rivals Amazon. Korean whales realise Bitcoin is NOT the Bitcoin as envisioned by the founders because it was used by criminals for illicit activities. They refused to claim the billions worth of BTC in their account even after 10 years. They the founders distanced from the original Bitcoin because the criminals had corrupted the usage of "Bitcoin" with child porn files locked in BTC blockchain. Hence, the founders made the blockchain open source for future forks so one day a clean blockchain currency will be a honourable legit digital currency. This explains the core team programmers of Bitcoin Diamond are anonymous just like the founders of Bitcoin.

  18. Yeah why the price is still going down.

  19. Avatar Tom Kory says:

    Hi. Justin Sun says that in 2020 Tron $ 100, we'll see 🙂

  20. I am heavy in XLM, VET and TRX atm, will be looking to buy some ADA and XRP next.

    What are your thoughts on Dragonchain? lots of movement in terms of projects and seems like it has a good team behind it, I look at it as a dark horse medium-long term hodl.

    I am hoping it will get back to its ATH last year in the next 1-2 years… I will be very happy with that 😉 haha

  21. Guys look at XGS coin, it will moon very soon!

  22. More Great Content A Team ……. Eos Investors be careful…… Many clues of questionable behaviors & activities … Dig Deep an you'll find visible evidence very disturbing of their leadership team plus not to mention the obvious centralized manipulation of their 21 unit voting system

  23. Avatar Curt Brennan says:

    I have lots of XRP, Litecoin and Digibyte…….it's all good!

  24. Avatar Zaid Kamal says:

    Great stuff man, really digging your channel.
    Cardano 🚀

  25. I would love to discuss Maker and how it competes with coinbase’s newest stable coin USDC and how that would compare with Maker’s “Dai”; also why Maker doesn’t appear to be affected by bitcoins price fluctuations…

  26. Another great post. Always enjoy. Cheers. Could you make a video about Reddcoin (RDD) and other social media tipping platforms and you thoughts. Thanks Guys keep up the great work

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