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#AltCoinDaily: Owning 10 Bitcoin – Way More People Are Buying Bitcoin Than We Ever Thought


Owning 10 Bitcoin – Way More People Are Buying Bitcoin Than We Ever Thought

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ALERT: Over $1 Billion in BTC Transferred to an Unknown Wallet

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There are 157,216 addresses holding at least 10 BTC.

Bitcoin Rich List

Whale Alert! 🚨 Late Night Whale Watching! 🐋 [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Perspective/ASMR]


ALERT: Over $1 Billion in BTC Transferred to an Unknown Wallet

ALERT: Over $1 Billion in BTC Transferred to an Unknown Wallet

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that really needs to be backed by gold to have any value, said famed investor Mark Mobius

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50 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: Owning 10 Bitcoin – Way More People Are Buying Bitcoin Than We Ever Thought

  1. Avatar CRYPTO DAD says:

    Insane! Maybe adoption is close!

  2. I believe those that don’t own any Bitcoin or cryptocurrency will pay dearly and regret it in the nearest future. It’s best you invest now.

  3. Avatar Robert says:

    Altcoin Daily is one of those holding more than 10

  4. I don't even have 100 BTC… fok :/

  5. Only idiots hold everything on one address. Addresses are not people. You correceted yourself once then continued with same mistake.

  6. Avatar fronkik21 says:

    Come on guys, the volume of this entire bull run is laughable compared to 2017. All pumps appear exactly at the end of each major candle, we are in the third month of the pump with no cooldown. The whales are still in full control of this market. They dump a lot of BTC and then the public buys the price back up again for them because nobody likes to be still bearish after such a long time. The sentiment is so positive that it might be true because of this. It all started with a £1000 increase in just an hour or less. That was the signal that everybody decided that the bear market was over. And if enough people think that, it increases the chances of it happening. My only advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of Mr. Ryan Faulkner's program, a pro trader who is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 3 Bitcoin to 9 Bitcoin in just 3 weeks. You can reach him on ([email protected] or WhatsApp + 447480724121)

  7. Avatar Andrew Kay says:

    That $1B in BTC surely has to be BAKKT

  8. Why do I have that ninja feeling that 1Bill worth of bit coins went to the Brain that introduced bitcoins 👀😏

  9. Avatar Salad Trades says:

    If you are looking to buy bitcoins and start out, I have a site that offers a very easy service to do so. It is my ref link (yes I'm honest about it) but I am just trying to help out. is a site where you can buy bitcoins instantly with over 300+ ways to pay. I bought my first bitcoins here and I am still using it! Give it a try 🙂

  10. The number of bitcoin addresses do not represent the number of people.

  11. This Is incredible, with the #bitcoin halving around the corner seems so many positive things are bound to happen. I am glad i was able to get some #bitcoin few weeks back at 9,900$ with the profit i made from investing in #Tokoin #IEO on #Kucoin.

  12. Avatar The Wonderer says:

    I now have 10.00 ADA (Cardano).

  13. Avatar eiki sogame says:

    A massive breakout is set to occur soon. If you are in the crypto space and you currently don't know that once we are approaching bitcoin halving, massive bull run occurs then you must surely be left behind.

    In as much as I have introduced everyone that I know into the crypto space, yet some are just viewing several videos on youtube without actually having the concept or knowing the potential of what bitcoin and the blockchain industry is. We are approaching a major breakout in the crypto space and with bitcoin price still pegged with $10k+, the time to join the moving train is now that is if you are yet to be part of it. Considering the major recession that will occur next year, I will urge everyone to have a rethink and look into the potentials that bitcoin posses to help them break free from the financial burden of next year.

    It doesn't matter if you can buy up to 10BTC or not, but what matters is you can accumulate at least 10BTC before the year comes to an end. I know many people will be wondering how to do that, don't worry as a pro trader and signal provider by name Nyberg Hansson, who has been helping me to achieve my target daily will also help you achieve that as well. All you have to do is to contact him today via [email protected] and WhatsApp +447723292381, and he will guide you on how to get started.

  14. Avatar Ste says:

    I bought in 2013. Had dozens of bitcoins but between trying to trade btc when had no idea what I was doing, buying alts and losing btc value on them and losing some wallet keys and passwords I've lost dozens over the years. Now only have just under 10. So fcking frustrating when I should be very very wealthy by now. Should have just held and bought even more when could afford it. No youtubers back then giving you all this advise though was lot harder. 🤢🤬

  15. Avatar John Thoren says:

    10:14 "Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that really needs to be backed by gold to have any value". What backs up Gold?

  16. Avatar Neils Escher says:

    Unknown people are people. Including Satoshi!

  17. Avatar Neils Escher says:

    Love your work, man. But don't assume all whales are men… I'm currently trying to get my girlfriend more interested in bitcoin- but she sees the space as very dude oriented. Help me prove her wrong- not right.

  18. Avatar Atilla Sari says:

    Nobody buys this shit coin except the greedy ones

  19. Cheers for the great content, mate.

    Anyone still on fb suss my new meme page "Crypto Currently" and chuck us a like (send me any of your memes and I will incorporate them into the regular posting to help increase awareness of crypto among nocoiners). Thanks guys 🙂

  20. Avatar Isaiah Fedur says:

    Alt market got me. I had 16. Now I have .8 😓

  21. Avatar Alan Tan says:

    Welcome shorts, celebrate in October

  22. Avatar barnibizer says:

    so, no correlation between hash rate and bitcoin price!

  23. Avatar Powan Scotts says:

    Now summer is over (in the northern hemisphere 😉 people will be returning from the beach to their computers and buying crypto again taking BTC over $20k by end of 2019 not even 2020!. Bitcoin is the future of finance, There is hope for you if you still want to increase your bitcoin and make profit, , if you are a beginner or newbie having hard times and losing trying to trade, i will advice you to seek guidance from some professionals like Rob Marcos and then see how your goals will be achieved. he have affected my life positively on Telegram==>> *@ROBMARCOS621*.

  24. Avatar Craig Jones says:

    Could we see negative interest BTC loans, with minimum repayment dates (ie can't repay before then) in the future?

  25. Avatar Karl Netzler says:

    Wish I never got into alts. Would have a lot more btc.

  26. Avatar Dexter Dew says:

    Dont know why I get excited whenever I get a notification for altcoin daily. But always welcoming the information.

  27. Avatar Jim Shepard says:

    That's actually me who owns all those extra addresses with 10 Bitcoins each in them, making it appear like there's more people accumulating, when actually there's not. Sorry for the confusion. Just wanted to clear that up for the record. I like keeping all my Bitcoins in bunches of different wallets. That's all…🤗

  28. For a second I thought you said you had 10 Bitcoins I was about to say that's not wise to disclose 🤔💭

  29. Avatar Sylvan Newby says:

    Hash rate is meaningless, it is because the 2nm and less chips on the market. If you want to focus on something meaningful look at the USD volume of transactions on the BTC blockchain. Why is nobody mentioning this? The reason is because you dont want to face the fact that VOLUME OF TRANSACTIONS is lower today than it was 2-years ago in 2017 at $5 billion and now it's only $1 billion. Does this sound like an emerging technology that is gaining adoption???

  30. Dude… peeps w/10 BTC are wealthy investors… that’s min $50-$100K

  31. I think if that many people were really buying bitcoin then the value of bitcoin would be rising rather than stumbling up and down all the time really doing nothing 🤔

  32. My family and I started buying XRP and Bitcoin around 4 months ago, did we start to late?

  33. You know something.There's something about XLM Lumens that is better than BITCOIN.You made a video about it.If a person would of bought $2,500 bucks worth of Lumens before January of 2017 that they would of been a Millionaire,because each Lumen was worth less than $0.01 cent.While those that have bought Bitcoin only those at the every beginning made big profits,while if you would of bought an entire Bitcoin around the same time by the end of 2016 going into 2017 when the price was $800 bucks per Bitcoin, that means if you had the same money to invest $2,500 you could only Buy 3 BITCOINS and when BITCOIN went to $20k you've only made 60k on your 3 BITCOINS…Yet,for the same investment price of $2,500 bucks you would of made A $$$ MILLION WITH STELLAR LUMENS??????…I don't get it..Bitcoin is expensive to aquire,but it won't make you the same return $$$ in comparison to a small coin like STELLAR LUMENS..

  34. Avatar Poutinsky _ says:

    Ultron could technically take over network, also producing x YottaHash and dominate, double spending all he want.. it's a metaphor buuuut…

  35. Avatar Poutinsky _ says:

    OR, 95 000BTC to start next alt season! I'm throwing all my money in alts ASAP!

  36. We need Bird Coin now 😂 🐦 🐔

  37. Avatar Gary Cruz says:

    I’m 9.999 away from 1 BTC!

  38. I can tell you weren’t around in 10’; it was not easy to own bitcoin before exchanges were around

  39. moved 1b btc for $750.00 bakkt pump…yea com on…

  40. Avatar CHeEEEeeeEEe says:

    I had 24 bitcoins. Sold most for taxes and cash. Now I only got 3 bitcoins. This time around is harder to make bitcoins.

  41. Its 4pm on the East Coast and it's time for my Altcoin Daily updates! Thank you for continuing to produce these videos. I've been to LA 2x and love it out there. Hopefully next time I'm out that way we could do a meet and greet.

  42. Avatar p b says:

    There is a big dump coming soon ,don’t buy now ,buy at 9200….. 🤫…..whale call ….

  43. 1bil in BTC isn't really much. That's 1/185th (about .6%) of the BTC market. I will own lots of BTC when alts explode again.

  44. Avatar Adams Apple says:

    Your numbers are wrong. Your counting the numbers twice at every level, so mathematically your over counting – 0-1, then 1-10….'1' is counted twice. It should have been 0 – 0.9 then 1- 9.99 etc.

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