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#AltCoinDaily: NEWS FLASH: What is Happening With Litecoin Will Happen With Bitcoin x 100? Are You Ready?


NEWS FLASH: What is Happening With Litecoin Will Happen With Bitcoin x 100? Are You Ready?

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NEWS FLASH: What is Happening With Litecoin Will Happen With Bitcoin x 100! Are You Ready?

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Litecoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

Bakkt Exchange & Fidelity’s Custody Can Be Massive For Crypto: Here’s Why

Planting Bitcoin: Traits of Money

Passage of Time/ Lindy Effect

A bank in Liechtenstein grew it’s traffic by 900%, after start selling cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin Has Dwarfed Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway in ROI

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47 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: NEWS FLASH: What is Happening With Litecoin Will Happen With Bitcoin x 100? Are You Ready?

  1. Clarification: When I said that the supply gets cut in half, I mean the supply flow. 👍

  2. Sir, You're missing the potential of litecoin. Never been hacked the Litecoin network is just as secure as Bitcoin. Litecoin is cheaper and faster to transact with as compared to Bitcoin. Litecoin is more liquid and with lightning network and atomic swaps soon coming will be more so. Litecoin has a huge global community and brilliant people like Tommy Lee behind it. What is there not to like. Litecoin is time tested being the first altcoin after Bitcoin arrived. There will only ever be 4 X the amount of litecoin as there will be Bitcoin. Litecoin is to Bitcoin as silver is to gold grossly undervalued and should command a 4-1 price ratio there by creating far greater price appreciation potential than bitcoin. Please do not neglect to espouse the virtues of litecoin. Thank you.

  3. Avatar Bruce Burger says:

    Damn, every time I see one of your videos I throw more money into bitcoin. 😵🍔💵🍔🍔

  4. change your youtube channel name to bitcoin maximalist daily

  5. Avatar Sam crypto says:

    The halving is already having effect on litecoin ans many are already jumping into the ship. Coin like veil also is a good one for accumulation

  6. please help me to lose my coinn in pay2x 0.007btc that money is very much needed I can anyone help me. this is my cardano alamt DdzFFzCqrht1hX4pJ4qw5Q7kb1kQTST5Nav2LCv6NdpQqHTXwSrP1k6AJD5gHNaTGWpwEF12jk4P6dnjd1kR8MbHhTyBPUgmPcNg78j4 please, sir and nyoya

  7. I bought in huge at $41 litecoin! Stop saying that i didnt know.

  8. Avatar Cozy Josy says:

    If anyone would like to donate Litecoin to me appreciate it


  9. Avatar Niels k says:

    You have made a great vid, i also know a hidden gem that is not yet on coinmarketcap its called, (OWT) they have already a working product making domain hosting decentralized web 3.0 so bringing also back the full privacy on the internet. Now its only listed on the exchange stex and just 250k market cap atm, but they already applied and confirmed that they are getting listed on binance and also they did confirm this on twitter. You can do your own research

  10. Avatar Jay big says:

    Probably about 5 coins max that provide a solution and solve problems- litecoin isn't one of them. People can invest in whatever they like and I wish them well nonetheless.

  11. Avatar Mark Aap says:

    I need some help guys..reaching 1 BTC 😔, if every subscriber donates 0.0000001 BTC maybe I’ll have 1 BTC eoy 🕺🏾

    BTC adress:

  12. Avatar NavyBoySM2 says:

    Actually I did buy. $32, $33,34-80. Just sold all 2 days ago and bought BTC! What timing. What a flip

  13. Avatar TMG252 says:

    why cant you buy in ltc now, sell at $200 and buy btc?

  14. When bitcoin Halves litecoin will increase a lot too.

  15. Avatar Robert Hood says:

    You need to learn a little about mathematics.

  16. Avatar HellRaizzer says:

    Buy LTC now and flip to ₿ around the halfing…

  17. I’m glad I bought litecoin ages ago 😎

  18. Avatar John Cornock says:

    Like your video but the last increase to £20k was 1500% not 15,000. Just saying 🙂

  19. Avatar Greg Rickard says:

    Fundamentals may change though. More onramps, regulations may happen, etf might get approved…might be different this time.

  20. BtC by May 2020 will find out In May 2020
    Everyone can pit numbers it is hard to predict till know only few people were able to predict probably by luck…
    Still buy every 1/2 weeks small amount BTC probably best option…
    Respect to LA…
    Btw i lived in Palm Spring for a 1 year Awesome place…

  21. any one know the method using our crypto to spend online shopping..i'm living in asia..

  22. Avatar Dexter Dew says:

    Didnt you just a week ago bitcoin was going to be takin a hard dump? Which one is it dudw.

  23. Avatar RanJanTy says:

    why didnt you buy BTC at 30.00 ? was you scared back then? lol

  24. Avatar RanJanTy says:

    I didnt buy because my money was in a IRA in stocks

  25. short term, litecoin will see a big retracement before the halving.

  26. Avatar Skybiz says:

    Both BTC and LTC have no value, other than hype and Fiat backed by nothing backing the Actual pyramid.. Greed and stupidity.. The only real money is Gold and Silver, everything else is worthless paper and zeros on the screen…

  27. Excellent as always. I would love to hear your opinion on the LINK pump that happened on binance today. Went up about 70% in 2 hours approximately. I was on my coffee break when it started to rise so I got to see it go up in price real time and took a pretty nice profit on it twice. Descending fan pattern trend reversal told me what was up over the weekend 😉

  28. Avatar IndoMilo says:

    why not buy ltc ride up until halving, sell for some more btc? why just hodl btc and no daytrade for more btc 😀

  29. Exactly 6 months ago on Dec 13th, litecoin was at $23.72.

  30. Avatar iamrodo says:

    So what do you think about FB's crypto with the backers they landed (Visa, Mastercard,Paypal, Uber… etc) is it gonna affect the market positively or negatively?

  31. Avatar Ron Turkey says:

    Warren Buffett isn't a trader. He's an investor.

  32. All good coins have their own day, I missed ltc bull run, I have loaded my bag with btc EOS and veil privacy coin waiting for their bull run as well

  33. I didn't buy @30$ cause I didn't watch Altcoin Daily

  34. Avatar James Brooks says:

    Btc will not pump as hard as ltc. It never has. Ltc has bigger returns

  35. Avatar David Zas says:

    My magic number for bitcoin is 67k. It'll be equalize around there. Will probably shoot past that number but stabilize there.

  36. Avatar R J says:

    Why are you trash-talking Litecoin? I thought this was Altcoin Daily.
    ps. Charlie Lee is Satoshi Nakamoto. If you ask him he will deny it, that’s how you can tell, only the real Satoshi would deny he is Satoshi. 🤐

  37. I was buying and mining it, like a little bitch…

  38. WTF are you talking about – LTC has been DUMPING fist over fist for the last 48hrs – NOT pumping!!! I'll be lucky at this point to get out of my trade w/out a huge loss. That's not even taking into account the lost opportunity of BTC's gains. Why aren't Channels talking about LTC's massive dump over the last 2 days?? What happened, is it merely a correction & should we hold – the % gains vs BTC will come close to par in a week or two? Or has LTC's price gain been intentionally manipulated using FOMO for a pre planned planned pump & dump. It's only June – LTC's Halvening isn't until Aug – giving no reason for a flash crash. BTC's Halvening is way off in the yr+ future. WTF!!!

  39. Nobody mentions that LTC started going down 50 days before the halvening last time, and was down over 70% by the time the halvening occurred. The dump that happened today is the start of this pre-halving dump. Why am I the only one who sees this?

  40. Avatar Manch Mancho says:

    randomly I bought 4 LTC when it was around $31, i was like F it lets see what happening 😁

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  42. Avatar Biff Bifford says:

    Litecoin is the right coin. Long term price will be $12,500.

  43. Avatar ricksilver55 says:

    Been following altcoin daily everyday since I got into the market a year and some months ago…. there is a reason I still watch your videos everyday and will continue! Respect from Canada and great content guys cheers!

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