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#AltCoinDaily: MUST WATCH: 3 Reasons Why ETHEREUM see new ALL TIME HIGHS [Cryptocurrency, Altcoins, Bitcoin]


MUST WATCH: 3 Reasons Why ETHEREUM see new ALL TIME HIGHS [Cryptocurrency, Altcoins, Bitcoin]

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Hello Crypto Community!
Let’s talk about the latest Ethereum. Things get real!!

Today I want to talk about:

BitMEX CEO Calls Ethereum a Shitcoin, Says Ether (ETH) Price Under $100

BitMEX CEO Calls Ethereum a Shitcoin, Says Ether (ETH) Price Under $100

Investors Try To Reason Why ETH Is Capitulating So Heavily

Ethereum Tumbles 17%, Investors Blame It On An ICO Sell-Off

DAPP Capitulation:

Plasma Cash: new Scalability solution for the Ethereum Network



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41 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: MUST WATCH: 3 Reasons Why ETHEREUM see new ALL TIME HIGHS [Cryptocurrency, Altcoins, Bitcoin]

  1. Avatar andrew munz says:

    Proof of steak. Yum yum.

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  4. Avatar Tuck says:

    aaannnnddd…. below 100…

  5. I bought 15 ethereum today

  6. If some experts predict the death of bitcoin, maybe it is worth investing in new currencies? I have been watching XFC recently, especially the FTO. Many people are now looking for stable and transparent projects and their coins. I also, that's why I became interested in the FTO. They are new, at the beginning of the road, but BTC used to be one too in the past.

  7. Eth is centralized by Vitalik.

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  10. Avatar Andy E says:

    Developers developers developers

  11. Avatar JC GCA says:

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  12. Avatar Nice2347 says:

    lol this didn't age well

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  14. Avatar KidScipio says:

    these things have been coming out for like 2 years now

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  16. Avatar IBradFrazer says:

    Ethereum is siting at $190 and Bitcoin hasn't even fallen below $6,000 yet. There is a serious chance Ethereum may actually fall below $100.

  17. Avatar Victor says:

    this video aged well

  18. So Should we buy ETH or sell ETH @225$

  19. Avatar Alan Tan says:

    Lol, ethereum could be worth $13 at the end of the year. Ethereum to the moon after the hard fork! $256 on 5 Sep. Vitalik was right all the way.

  20. Avatar diamondmm says:

    13 days later – URE WRONG ! lol

  21. What can you expect from a person who just want to make profit. He is bluffing for simple thing. To increase the trading of ETH on his stock. It is similar at the pharmaceutical mafia. They don't want to cure the people, because there wouldn't be any job for them. This is the same. The decreased trading on the stock means less profit for bitmex, so a bluff will spin-off a the trade.

  22. Not only Ethereum , BTC , DASH , and a few more will gow grow grow up at least 5-10 times within next Two YEARS.

  23. Avatar YNS YNS says:

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  24. Avatar Harry Chu says:

    ETH exemplifies the massive mismanagement behind many of these coins. The developers have been claiming POS for over a year and the difficulty has made the coin unprofitable to mine for over a year. Meanwhile they have made little progress on transaction speed and volume. More and more of the community is moving away because the developers are tone deaf and have made the worst decisions.

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  26. Ethereum is next Google/Apple and minimum 100x in 10 years period… (I'm talking about technology and fundamentals I don't care about market pump and dump)

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  28. I guess people don't understand the trading algorithm of ETH. This is normal. ETH is in no rush for a new rally. Everyone, relax. Go on with your lives.

  29. Inside secret…. ethereum about to take off😉

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  33. Avatar Jc Kicks says:

    I have 1 ETH and 72 ETH classic, the market right now has me a little shook cause I’m new at crypto

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