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#AltCoinDaily: Interdax Derivative Exchange's $100,000 in Bitcoin Launch Giveaway!


Interdax Derivative Exchange's $100,000 in Bitcoin Launch Giveaway!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Let’s talk about trading futures, derivatives, on margin, leveraging 100x. There is A LOT of risk when doing this…but this is an option you have.

Check this out!

This is a paid review.

Interdax is a cryptocurrency trading platform focused on
derivatives, primarily perpetual swaps and futures. They allow up to 100x leverage and they plan to be a direct competitor to Bitmex in the coming months.

They currently have a launch contest going on that allows you to win $100,000 in Bitcoin and IDAX tokens…

Rooting for these guys. I hope they do good.

Safe Link to Website:

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This is a paid review. They paid for time on the channel. All opinions expressed are my own.

I have no inside knowledge of the inner working of the company. Participate at your own risk. There is A LOT of risk involved in derivative trading.


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41 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: Interdax Derivative Exchange's $100,000 in Bitcoin Launch Giveaway!

  1. Was waiting for your video thanks for the info like always

  2. Both, wins and losses i only leverage 2% of my assets and i also have a larger hodling asset for a number of coins. The leveraging though is a great learning curve and it helping to add to my long term goals. On a side note, lots of wins lately due to the very hard to guess wrong trends.

  3. Avatar Michelle Fox says:

    I have lost a lot in binary trading not until I met Donald Earl through a trading channel, since then my winnings are impressive

  4. I have a question on the mining: what if all Bitcoins are 'made' what happens then?

  5. Avatar John G.G says:

    The reason the central banks and cartels have prolonged the market correction for this long is because they needed time to set up the new digital system. If you think they haven't learned anything from 2008 you're wrong. This time they will have the systems in place for a new market. Digital currencies are here to stay. The bottom is going to fall out, a complete devaluation of physical fiat. It's not going to be just another recession. It will be the haves and the have nots. If you think that cryptos are free from manipulation you are mistaken. There is more manipulation in the digital space than there ever was in physical fiat. We will never have currencies that cannot be manipulated. Before physical fiat is devalued they will squeeze every drop of value from it by allowing people to buy into digital. I think we're seeing that happening now possibly. Once that transfer has run its course, hyperinflation will set in/physical fiat will devalue to zero. Nothing will change.. it's just a new system. The early adopters will be the most wealthy. That's it.

  6. Please promise me you are not going to sell your soul to these kind of things.
    Please stop doing this!!
    It diminishes the truthfulness of the rest of your (Wonderful) content

  7. I have traded stock options, but nothing in the crypto…also was wondering…you did the paid review…how much would it cost for that or maybe we could have a plan? I would like to discuss

  8. Derivatives are no Bueno! Not for the market nor the investors. We need a free trading market. This is the kind of s#*t that ruins people. F#^k Derivatives!!!

  9. Derivatives are "The weapon of financial mass destruction "
    Warren Buffet: Btw not a fan of the old crook, but he's right on this one.

  10. My own attitude is simple…..if you dont own dont it have it you dont spend it….dont bet with other peoples money…

  11. Avatar Jay Stenger says:

    They do not allow USA trader.

  12. Avatar Man Out says:

    I feel like I am one of the guys that got a Golden Ticket to Wonkas with u! Looking forward to the ride!!

  13. Avatar Dave Linssen says:

    hello i am from Holland and i am learning a lot of you. Thank you for investing your time for us

  14. leverage trading ends in tears for 99% of the people.. not sure if this was smart.. u have an example function as a person with 52k subs and thousands of viewers.. not saying ur doing wrong, as you too need to make some monies in this market 🙂

  15. Avatar luffebassen says:

    Breaking news!!
    Litecoin and Stakenet just announced collaboration on the Lightning network.
    Thats huge news for a small project like XSN and just shows how great devs are
    working on that project.

  16. Avatar kivela says:

    omg why did you chose interdax and not digitex

  17. interdax seems to work like forex trading except there's not enough of any single crypto coin in circulation to short or long with anything more than a I'd say 10x leverage I'd say this market can only be harmful for crypto and crypto traders you should have refused to publicise them when this takes off if supported by crypto enthusiasm get ready to see a 900.00 bitcoin and watch a lot of others good coins die off

  18. Avatar Paul Wells says:

    Hi, I’m newish to crypto and what I get is that the more transactions the quicker your trade. If your trading very small coins with a lot of volume then your trade will get traded, eventually, before price goes either way. With higher transaction speed the more sure your trade will be. But… in the scheme of things penny’s or cents or whatever small currency you trade with is insignificant to the grand scheme of things. It’s not the speed at the minute it’s wether or how fast you can exchange to fiat as my bills or buying stuff is in fiat. Until the cross from fiat to crypto is easier or none existent then the speed has nothing to do with it. Until then, give us a way of making life easy and profitable as you can. I understand and know where all this is going but at the moment it is not a profit it is just magic beans that can be, in a long way around exchanged for fiat, but won’t buy me a car or a house or even pay my bills. But as of now my beanstalk to the golden egg is cut and limited. Small coins of 0.00000000…., you can wait for unlimited time for your trade to execute as I know higher trade rate will defer this but as of now, even a billion or trillion trades per sec is useless to the common man trying to make money and pay bills. The future will come, but not quite yet 🖖

  19. Thank you for disclosing you were paid for this.

  20. Avatar Go Beep says:

    Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

  21. Avatar Block Chain says:

    You are not this guy speaking in video and I don't like it.

  22. Awesome video! I shorted and made some great calls and have been rekt! We use Kraken for U.S. reasons.

    Short around $4.2K range before capitulation!

  23. High leverage exchanges.Oh yeah.Best way to lose all of your money.Very very bad boy you've been.But i guess sponsor money talks.

  24. Avatar BEBOP says:

    Ass soon as you said based in London IM OUT! BitConneeeeect

  25. Very useful content today. Nicely done. Bare in mind one unequivocal fact. 95% of “ so called traders” lose money.It’s a hard unbending fact that has been irrevocably true for 1000’s of years. All these neophyte entrants in your comment section boasting about how they “make money trading” make me laugh. At least 95% of them are like the habitual gambler. They only post or tell you about their “trades” when they are winners. They ALL conveniently forget about their losers.

  26. Avatar ImPaulsive says:

    If it breaks 4.5k and 6k, I'd start believing in Jesus more XD

  27. Avatar Daniel Fritz says:

    I am just interested in getting the coins as early as possible before the price go up. Any ideas?

  28. Avatar TITO LIFE says:

    This is good for usa ?

  29. This is what ruins Bitcoin

  30. Avatar Jay Steele says:

    I believe TD Banks also allows BTC Futures. I wanted to short one btc in Ja. but sadly Im too lazy.

  31. Trade on Bitmex regularly great exchange opportunity to make ridiculous money witch I do constantly when the market isn’t trading sideways. You will loose everything if you aren’t a seasoned trader terrible speed and difficultly closing at market when busy on platform can be caught out badly

  32. What i don’t understanding about shorting bitcoin is how do you borrow someone else’s bitcoin and sell it short if there is a personnal key to that perticular bitcoin. I understand securities short, so how is that bitcoin returned to the owner?

  33. What’s the purpose of derivatives, what do we NEED THEM AT ALL

  34. How I transfer bitcoin from empire account to my bank account

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