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#AltCoinDaily: I’m Very Cautious Right Now. If You Hold Bitcoin Be Ready for Pullback | On-Chain Analysis | News


I’m Very Cautious Right Now. If You Hold Bitcoin Be Ready for Pullback | On-Chain Analysis | News

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Willy Woo Interview:

SEC Clears Blockstack to Hold First Regulated Token Offering

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Compares Bitcoin to Gold

Fed Chair Jerome Powell on Libra and Crypto – July 11th 2019 from CryptoCurrency

An ominous warning from Andreas’ London Real talk.OC

An ominous warning from Andreas’ London Real talk. from CryptoCurrency

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20 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: I’m Very Cautious Right Now. If You Hold Bitcoin Be Ready for Pullback | On-Chain Analysis | News

  1. Pullbacks are a part of any healthy bull market 👍

  2. Even the powerful Augustus had to beg to his knees loans from powerful bankers as Balbo and more. Politicians always are in need of funds to get consensus. The bankers will not accept that other entities besides them will have their same privilege of creating currency from thin air so the politicians are in the weak position as they need desperately the funds from the bankers.
    Very sad to say don't expect any good from politicians

  3. Im on Elrond Network bag. haha entire account value up by 65% and stop lose set at 55% from entry

  4. Avatar David Thomas says:

    Bring it back!! This is great for decentralization!! The little guys need to nibble at this!!

  5. Avatar Steve says:

    Any chance you get you should take profit – hold for what? A 2 percent net sell off would push the price down by 80 percent.

  6. Avatar C. Santiago says:

    The man who put several Goldman sacks executives, lawyers of the bank and a few of its affiliates in charge of the us economy says bitcoin is bad….. k.

  7. When are you putting money back into bitcoin? I like a second perspective

  8. Avatar NUFCMVFC says:

    Trump probably pushed to speak about BTC because of FB Libra, which would be more of a perceived threat as a "Digital currency" threat due to network effect capacity which threatens USD as a medium of exchange. The comments about BTC seem to be aimed at BTC as a perceived store of value ("thin air") and the ironic sense that the US Govt supports the notion of the USD and more specifically its Bonds and Treasuries as a "safe haven" asset. Won't delve into inflation of 70's and QE of 20teens so BTC and Gold are competitors (Gold as a non-deteriorating asset = trustless and BTC as sound math = trustless).

  9. Shhh 🤫 don’t say it moonboys will jump their seat and say technical analysis mean nothing we are to the moonnnn!

  10. Avatar Jose Arceo says:

    Join Bibox! Want to trade digital currencies? Trade on Bibox and get dividends by lock-up! Click to trade:

  11. 7:33 For Trump to say that crypto is based on thin air means he is extremely ignorant or extremely deceptive.

  12. Avatar pktSteve1 says:

    Thousands of people will start to like bitcoin just because Trump said he doesn't like it.

  13. I would love a 8k correction. So it’s not gonna happen.

  14. The USD dollar is backed by the fact that it is the currency of the largest economy in the world. It doesn't have wild price fluctuations because there's so much real stuff (land, goods, and services) that is bought and sold using it, i.e., it has very large market capitalization. I am a bitcoin hodler but we can't pretend that it is on par with USD

  15. The odds that trump himself actually wrote that tweet are about the same as me shitting diamonds. It was way too articulate for him. He’s just a sleazy conman and his sheep supporters will never see that.
    This is a dude that stared into a solar eclipse and bankrupted a casino. I have no clue what anyone takes anything he says seriously.

  16. Avatar Chris Harvey says:

    This clickbait bitch. Tell us how xrp will fail again ?

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