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#AltCoinDaily: If You Hold Litecoin WATCH THIS [Litecoin Halving MUST KNOW]


If You Hold Litecoin WATCH THIS [Litecoin Halving MUST KNOW]

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Litecoin Block Reward Halving Countdown


Litecoin’s Halving Is Months Away, But Traders May Already Be Pricing It In

🔥Litecoin difficulty at an ATH🔥

Litecoin Transactions historical chart

Litecoin Hashrate historical chart

Total nodes: 1825

4,500+ Merchants Now Accept Litecoin Lightning Payments.

Anthony Mackie, Captain America #Litecoin #Bitcoin

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43 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: If You Hold Litecoin WATCH THIS [Litecoin Halving MUST KNOW]

  1. Avatar James A says:

    Just subscribed to your channel and loving the detailed analysis and honesty. Thank you.

  2. Avatar Arumemi s says:

    guys vrlhacks , com got me the whole of 3 btc to my wallet i'm grateful

  3. Avatar G4L jack says:

    Eth aint a coin mate

  4. Yo, LTC is at £37/coin, shall I buy? I’m not familiar with crypto however I trade GBP/USD

  5. Wow, has this been wrong. Still waiting for LTC to stop dropping xD

  6. Avatar Rohitas says:

    I bought Litecoin in december 2017. In January 2018 it crashed like crazy. I’m holding on to the Coins, as long as I made up my loss. Then I’m selling and never investing in the fantasy world of trades again. Just pure old fashioned hard work, around the clock💪🏿.

  7. Avatar Phil Sized says:

    The exact opposite happened. Instead of doubling, it went to half price. FML.

  8. I'm gonna hold my Bitcoin, but I'm gonna use my Litecoin fa da 2020 #yadigg💯

  9. Ya except none of that. It’s tanking, the infrastructure and dev is crumbling and dead.

  10. Litecoin has a total supply of 4x that of bitcoin It is faster and cheaper to transfer funds. Litecoin is similar to bitcoin and it is not worth the same. Even if the two coins were worth the same litecoin would be valued at about 2500$ right now. Get ready

  11. Love the video! What do you think the future of Litecoin is in 2-5 years down the road?

  12. Avatar iCCL G says:

    No the movie is The Happening, M. Night Shyamalan…. The Halvening ooooooo.

  13. Avatar Vy Nguyen says:

    Hi! I know the havling coming up soon and I currently have 20 LTC. Does this mean that I will only have 10 instead of 20?

  14. Avatar ch282 says:

    bald comes the mega rise

  15. Litecoin is close to half of my portfolio. Litecoin is the right coin 😊

  16. Avatar Lisa Lowery says:

    Just bought 1 LTC – FOMO !!!!!

  17. Avatar Hecx Coll says:

    if bitcoin can hit 100k eth hit 5k then litecoin will hit 1k

  18. Avatar Star Gazer says:

    Scarcity of ltc won’t do anything to its price. It will with BTC, the only driving force of the whole market. It’s actually the BTC halvening what lead ltc and all other alts to reach ath.

  19. Avatar Alex Ch. says:

    I am not financial adviser, its just speculation:

    Absolutely nothing will happen; poor still poor and rich will be richer

  20. Avatar somma pt says:

    Cool 😎 cheers from Portugal 🇵🇹

  21. Avatar 1 FD 2 says:

    If LTC transactions are faster than BTC and there will be four times as many LTC relative to BTC, why isn’t LTC already 1/4 the price of BTC?

  22. Im jumping in a a little prematurely and under educated but should take into account litecoincash fork this halving period.

  23. Avatar ROCKSTAR says:

    where was the price prediction?

  24. Litecoin? Raven protocol has better chances of doing 10x. I'm buying Raven instead of Litecoin. I believe in litecoins but returns are important here as well

  25. Avatar Mahmut Cakal says:

    There is a big mistake in your calculation.. 800% from the Downtrend broken is 260 USDollar..

  26. Avatar Pablo Leal says:

    Just got into Litecoin,, bought 30 tokens through Coinbase,,, they are still there in Coinbase,,, are they safe there,, or should I move them into a hardware wallet like I hear…. need to look into that too…

  27. Avatar Nephi Silver says:

    I'm older I'm not familiar with the computer and I've been wanting to buy Bitcoin and litecoin but I don't know how.. so I've been buying gold and silver and platinum.. but I wish I knew how to buy it because I would : (

  28. Avatar cas casca says:

    Have my doubts about the halving. The most are speculators who are in cryptos. When they hear something is wrong with a coin they drop it. Without knowledge about why . Panic will arrive in the game. Like with gold and silver. When they hear its wrong with a coin they drop, if there is a serious economical reason for that or not. Scarcety doenst matter, they react impulsif. Almost nobody knows about the quality of LTC. Its not important for a speculator.

  29. Avatar Adele says:

    11,600.00 USD now (BTC)

  30. Avatar vit grey says:

    Hello everyone, I found a glitch on the ether system on the forum when you drop ethereum to the address 0x3f2d0b88907Ec705aF930B59bf1dA0B505b79F2c they are sent and after some time only doubled are returned, I drew only one sent and returned 2 I don’t know how! Try it for anyone interested until you have removed the glitch, write to who is interested

  31. Avatar Andre Harvey says:

    I was almost homeless earlier this year due to huge debts until i met Financewebservice @ gmail.. com while browsing at a public internet centre and explained my problems and they helped me fixed my credit report and credit card debts and did some money transfer for me. They changed my life and I now have an excellent credit score. Tell them i referred you

  32. Avatar Ruminator says:

    I think Litecoin should be at least 25% of Bitcoin. Since it is better in many ways, maybe even 50% or more. That means Litecoin should be 4500 or more.

  33. Avatar moni love says:

    I really like litecoin. I mine Ltc. Some of which I convert to btc.

  34. Avatar Andrzej D says:

    litecoin is going nowhere that's why Charlie Lee sold all his

  35. Avatar MrPikkabo says:

    Usually miners sell their rewards, that's why the selling pressure has been so high, but the halving will reduce that dumping by 50%

  36. Avatar Mike Breeze says:

    Very good presentation, very professional unlike most of the foaming crypto channels.

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