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#AltCoinDaily: "I Do Think Bitcoin Will Go To $100,000." Full Ivan on Tech Interview [Tron Event In San Francisco]


"I Do Think Bitcoin Will Go To $100,000." Full Ivan on Tech Interview [Tron Event In San Francisco]

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Full Ivan on Tech interview from the Tron Event in San Fransisco!

In this video we ask Ivan his thoughts on Tron [TRX]/BitTorrent [BTT], thoughts on Bitcoin’s price, and talk to him on his favorite altcoins!

Ivan was an awesome guest. Thanks Ivan!

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Link To Original Coverage of The Tron Event

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22 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: "I Do Think Bitcoin Will Go To $100,000." Full Ivan on Tech Interview [Tron Event In San Francisco]

  1. Watch the original coverage of the Tron Event here:

    What do YOU think of Ivan's bitcoin thoughts or his top altcoin picks?

  2. Avatar iman yudha says:

    No milk no sugar involve hahah

  3. How do stocks like overstock and riot who do blockchain compare with crypto currency who specialize in a certain faxet

  4. Avatar kaczan3 says:

    "I think it will go up because it went up in the past and everyone else thinks it will go up. I are smart!"

  5. Avatar Rad G Crypto says:

    agreed, maybe much more – there are 36 million Millionaires out there and only 17 million Bitcoin available now – so what happens if every millionaire wants at least ONE ? well tough luck – see my vlog!

  6. It’s wierd, everyone is kind of questioning or commenting on and around bitcoin and tron.

    The real competitors are Etheruem, EOS, TRON and Cardano.

    The developers should have been there to answer from grass root level (without Justin Sun’s face in it) questions to highlight what makes tron different. Like really different.

  7. Talking about Sun. you guys need sum. 😉

  8. Avatar so what says:

    finally you have a face Aaron lol. i can see crypto zombie in the back (k-dub)

  9. Avatar Travis Rose says:

    Nice Stuff. Looks like you guys had a good day.👊🏼

  10. Will love to see more live interviews

  11. This is a bad ass interview man really appreciate the dedication and hard work,

  12. Avatar A Eddie says:

    Did Ivan say 90% of his holdings are in Bitcoin??

  13. Real nerd and rich man always black T-shirt: Steve Jobs, Tesla, Einstein,, Elon Musk, Wozniak, etc etc …

  14. Avatar Crypto Pete says:

    Zombie bobbing and weaving at the end lol

  15. Avatar MR SALT says:

    very nice! Ivan i give you 10 Prozent of Winnings when i m allowed to copy your protfolio:)

  16. Well, Ivan is one of the biggest influensers, I think he is being "motivated" to speak "all in bitcoin". Bitcoin sucks just like all of other cryptos projects, there is no reason to be THE king. I don't say crypto has not future – not at all. I say bitcoin is has so much cons, no reason to be all in bitcoin, but if you want belive to influencers like Ivan – this is how some pople drive lambosm but not you – you are follower 😉

  17. Avatar Titan Boss says:

    Tron is a bigger scam than tether. Stop with this crap already.

  18. Lets face no one gives a shit about tron your there for the free shit

  19. Avatar wife says no says:

    Aaron, but u got those Asian girls numbers right?

  20. Avatar Shaz Wap says:

    Buy "Bitcoiin (B2G)" cloud mining tokens from Coinbene exchange in just 345 sat. Price will go up soon. Good buy…

  21. Avatar Hamza Khan says:

    Can someone answer this question for me: What if BTC is worth 100.000 dollars in the future and I obtain to have 1 BTC on an exchange, am I able to transfer that big of an amount at once to the bank and will the exchange allow it to tranfser that big amount all at once? If it is a limited amount like 10.000 dollars a day, what is the best thing to do and the best exchange to put my BTC on to have the most profit and be safe for the price changes so you can sell fast.

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