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#AltCoinDaily: Crypto Market Cap to Hit $80 Trillion in 15 Years! ROBINHOOD SELLING USERS’ DATA!! [Bitcoin News]


Crypto Market Cap to Hit $80 Trillion in 15 Years! ROBINHOOD SELLING USERS’ DATA!! [Bitcoin News]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about:

John McAfee: Centralized Exchanges Will Disappear, DEXs Will Drive Crypto


Robinhood is Making Millions Selling Users’ Data to Financial Companies

Crypto Market Cap to Hit $80 Trillion in 15 Years: Bitcoin Bull Tim Draper

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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31 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: Crypto Market Cap to Hit $80 Trillion in 15 Years! ROBINHOOD SELLING USERS’ DATA!! [Bitcoin News]

  1. No chance in Hell Bitcoin is too manipulate to pass 7,500.

  2. I hope McAfee has the ketchup ready.

  3. Let's do some simple maths. $80T is a ludacris number. All the worlds gold is currently valued at $8T. But let's pretend the whole market gets to $80T.

    How much dominance would bitcoin have? Since Bitcoin got as low as 33% dominance not too long ago, I think it's safe to say bitcoin could get as low as 10% dominance. So $8T market capture by the king of crypto.

    $8T / 21M bitcoins comes out to $381k per bitcoin. even at 20% it's still well below $1M each.

    There are other factors that could boost could boost it. But I'd be more worried about why the world poured their wealth into cryptos and what that says about the stability of the current system.

    Lots to think about in this market.

  4. Avatar Johnathan says:

    The crypto market hit a high of 660 billion dollars at the end of 2017. The market continue to grow into the first week and a half of 2018 where the market peak at 829 billion dollars.

  5. Avatar Gorgon Don says:

    Pied piper is leading the kids to nowhere.

  6. Jilohn is a joke.
    Please stop reporting on him.

  7. is this the same whit questrade ??

  8. Avatar Stevens L says:

    Bit will not hit a mill, its popular cause of store value maybe a 100k. Honestly digibite, dash is doing more then bitcoin. Bitcoin is definitely not going anywhere its a classic, and people will always love the classic even when the new model have all the latest tech. Its just something about the classic. P.s im not talking ETC. Thats a classic i dont like.

  9. Avatar Stevens L says:

    Its not suprising about Robin hood, one thing about life, nothing is ever free.

  10. Avatar knightgern says:

    Bitcoin is for beginner…..Someone who don't know about coin. Price of bitcoin will go up but not as much as other coins.
    if you buy coffee with Bitcoin, the fee will be cost more than coffee price. What if people line up to buy coffee. They can pay with Bitcoin in real time. It is too slow.

  11. Avatar Jack Martin says:

    Yup, I'm thinking fuck Robin Hood. Ok? 👌

  12. ….John McAfee says a lot of things, why do you people believe him?

  13. McAfee is an idiot. Someone is probably paying him to make such claims. I wanna see what excuse he comes up with when his prediction comes to be false.

  14. Always trying to stay positive. And your massage it's coming from your research not from other youtube channel. That why I like your videos. Thank you

  15. I'll be to old in 15 years!… I needs money NOW! 😁

  16. Avatar Craig Neeve says:

    what is in it for the whales to cause all the crap coins to fail? the owners of these coins all know each other, one big happy family,

  17. I'll just be another idiot trying to predict the unpredictable and say that there won't be any Bitcoin in 2020. It has zero utility and will be surpassed by much better projects

  18. Avatar D Based says:

    What reasons is there for bitcoin to run up to even 200k in the next 2 years?

    I am optimistic, but that prediction of 200k to 1m seems astronomically absurd. At that point LTC would likely be over 2,000$, and most the top altcoins would make everyone rich.

  19. Fab content as always Hodl Hodl Hodl… BTC position taken out, time will well! Be nice to pay the Mortgage off lol.

  20. Sorry but no one can forecast a price for something as complex as crypto over a 1 month period let alone 15 years

  21. I totally understand the feeling of discussing crypto with friends most are still asleep or have a bad outlook on its future.

  22. Stocking up on the top 15 cryptos 😅

  23. get your fiat ready & let's purchase crypto 🇬🇱🐲

  24. Well, first of all, if you wanna defeat the "Decentralised exchange" you can also kill people, dont have to destroy BTC itself or do some other ways. Is simple as that, they will start to kill people in order to control the BTC price and many other. Watch the population reduction everywhere on earth and see it that is done by evil purpose from long time ago. Second thing – You think that BTC price is OUT OF CONTROL ? OMFG, do you really imagine that is something on our planet which is not controlled bro ? THE FUCKING ELITE IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL. It has allways was – control, kill, subjugate, create poverty so they can come later and give something to the poor (in order to control them ). Is a huge cycle. Problem – reaction – solution. And the last thing – "Crypto Market Cap to Hit $80 Trillion in 15 Years" Dude, are you aware of what does it mean 80 trillion dollars ? have you ever saw 100 million ? or 100 billion ? how many tons of money ? Have you ever saw at least a 10.000$ note ? The Federal reserve will one day run out of value and USD will become just fucken toilet paper !!! THE CRYPTO WORLD IS DESIGNED TO REPLACE FIAT MONEY SO THEY CAN CONTROL THE WHOLE WEALTH WITHIN A DAMN FUCKEN COMPUTER !!! WAKE UP FOR CHRIST SAKE -_-

  25. You think we can reach 1 trillion by the end of year? Sorry bud but you're delusional. We'll still be in this bear market for at least six more months. You're completely contradicting yourself in this video. You want a slow and steady rise back to $20,000 then in the next sentence you're predicting a $1 trillion market cap within the next 3 and a half months.

  26. ICO TELEGRAM is doubtless the most perspective this year I advise you to buy and hold for a few years!

  27. Avatar g h says:

    The coming big financial crash and the poverty on this world will make the bitcoin price.All these wars and poverty are caused from banksters.Be prepared,something will be happen!

  28. Avatar Tja Crypto says:

    By end of 2020 BTC will be between 200k-1.5mil

  29. Avatar Cryptokeeper says:

    Can we confirm that the Robinhood story is not more fake news like the Goldman Sachs crypto desk story or the Bitmex Etherium story? Does someone have it out for Robinhood? How do we confirm exactly what is the case?

  30. Avatar Waleed8866 says:

    thanks friend for video
    all we have to be patience.

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