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#AltCoinDaily: Can Tron (TRX) Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically


Can Tron (TRX) Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
What would it take to make a million dollars with Tron (TRX). Tron is a top 11 Cryptocurrency, so I think we have all heard of it (at least peripherally). But what is it exactly? What is it’s purpose?
I get into all that today. I think Tron will be around for a while. Let me share with you why.

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***Just opinion. Not financial advice.

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22 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: Can Tron (TRX) Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically

  1. Avatar B Rad says:

    2019 now…. waiting …

  2. Avatar d235353 says:

    Tron and TronBet 100% scam
    all dapps 100% scam

  3. Avatar Imon Matias says:


  4. Nice channel but wondering if I should subscribe

  5. Avatar Riccardo J says:

    Where can I buy TRX using either USD OR GBP?

  6. Avatar PingPanda says:

    I bought 7,000 coins when they were $0.03 each, 2 days later the value was like $0.32 ( it peaked at $0.32 as I was about to go to bed ), if I'd have sold at the $0.32 mark I'd have $2,240 for something that cost me $210…instead, I decided to go to bed, woke up the next morning it was at $0.18 with my value at $1,260…did I sell?…no, like a noob I listened to other people rather than my own gut and ended up selling them at around the $0.10 mark for $700, still a profit, just not as big as it could have been 😛

  7. Avatar Milk Win says:

    Considering best alts, I suppose there is no reason to find an alt in top 100 CMC, better to find underground ones and not Ethreum based.
    Such way I recomend to take a look at Versus Coin (, for sure it will be in top 100 soon and atm it is a good chance to multiply your money.

  8. What’s the difference between holding and tethering

  9. Everyone should know that everything are tether to bitcoin which was at $19,000 in jan 2018.

  10. Avatar Cat Lover says:

    Stope begging people to like your shit

  11. Avatar Ross Lusby says:

    Nice honest video mate!!

  12. viacoin & Dashcoin limited supply buy them aswel!

  13. Avatar Open4Profit says:

    Tron is best than any other crypto currancy. Buy it now and wait till jan mid to make max profit.

  14. Avatar J C says:

    starting to become my fav youtuber . vids are so good and mature. no mad perdictions

  15. Avatar Brad Gray says:

    Coulda shoulda woulda…..there are sooooo many scenarios of what we could've done. Hindsight is 20 20

  16. Avatar Lou Kane says:

    Where do you store tron, nano ledger S?

  17. Avatar Odd Port says:

    Every TRX donation will be greatly appreciated!

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