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#AltCoinDaily: Can Bitcoin (BTC) STILL Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically


Can Bitcoin (BTC) STILL Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically

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Why Bitcoin Works

Planting Bitcoin

Fish Was Once Currency in Newfoundland

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41 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: Can Bitcoin (BTC) STILL Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically

  1. Avatar Osama Qasim says:

    Hi guys am disable person wheel chair user I need help with btc anyone help me? My btc address 1L1zQEhcM3uY3mGXQm9LW3HMTLopRhnUcL

  2. Bitcoin will never replace all money, because Bitcoin ISN'T money, it can't transact like money, it can't handle the daily transactions. Probably its best case is to eclipse gold, just because its easier to store and move than gold, but that is probably as far as it can go. Another crypto that can actually money will be needed for the next level, and that might draw down Bitcoin's value as well, once you have another coin that CAN money, it could also be digital gold, if people trust it.

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  7. Avatar Will Jay says:

    Seem frieghtening 2Be ban& Drop from 🏦 crazy??was best direction 2Go..I'm deep innA.rabbit whole tryna keep up4more understandstand innA world of total complete hatred

  8. Avatar Tyler Basham says:

    Just recently downloaded coinbase to start dabbling in the market and was definitely of mindset that getting BTC wasnt smart cuz I couldn't afford it…needed this info and breakdown of why its worth it even for fractions of a coin

  9. Avatar N3MES1Z says:

    This information worth gold, oh wait…
    Thanks for info bro

  10. Investing in bitcoin is the fastest way to attain great wealth when you invest with a legit paying platform that guarantees profits both daily and weekly. It would be adviceable to start small especially if you are a beginner and you are scared of the risk involved.

  11. It took you 3 mins to tell ask if I have 3 minutes? 😂
    It’s actually like 9 minutes; do I have 9 mins to listen to 3 minutes of information? 😂

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    Enjoy! =)

  13. Avatar mago2007 says:

    BTC will never get to the MKTcap of gold, not whe you are alive, so stop dreaming

  14. Avatar Dick Tracy says:

    Gold does not just have value because we believe it. If we all believed pieces of paper with an X on it had value, that would not change the fact that it has almost no value. Gold has value as money because if has objective properties that make it useful as money. For instance, its supply is very small and grows slowly, it does not degrade over time, it is hard to counterfeit (there are some ways to dilute gold that are hard to detect), it is fairly divisible unlike say diamonds. These are objective properties for why gold has value and pieces of paper with an X on them do not.

  15. Avatar By Ozzy says:

    BTC donation

  16. I strongly believe in BTC reaching gold market cap, but I can’t see it replacing all currencies. It would require major changes to its architecture. The time to buy is now. 10 years from now, maybe 3 years from now it’ll be too late.

  17. I was referred to Fasthacks by a friend who just bought a car, and after I texted them via WhatsApp +[1-530-431-8156], I invested 0.01btc with them and got a 0.02561788btc.. Thanks a lot mate..

  18. Avatar Easy Jahbami says:

    All thanks to+13378731156 whom I invest 8btc into my wallet without delayed or pending issue…Thanks

  19. Avatar Brian says:

    In a year the dollar will be as worthless as Zimbabwe dollars. then BTC value will be high. the US fiat dollar only has artificial value because the FEDS keep pumping it

  20. Avatar Jerry Dillon says:

    Great job. Very detailed. However, I would rather you focus on the near future (2-7) years tops. Again, Great job!

  21. how do you explain, slow transaction, and high fees? sure that bitcoin value is #1 because of the people and community, but for using it daily, so many other altcoins can do better, i don't see bitcoin as a currency, it's more like gold, but less less useful

  22. bitcoin or any other cryptho profit will never be like those who bought bitcoin in 2010 and sold in 2017 , never

  23. Superb! Enjoying your channel.

  24. Good one. Maybe You can make a Video about Cash Out strategy? Buying Gold with Bitcoin etc. It will be very helpfull. Have a good day.

  25. NOBODY LIVE OVER100years❗️

  26. The only two major threats to Bitcoin are governments around the world join using super computers or they shut down the internet. Massive emp blast also poses a threat. Consider putting your storage devices and small electronics in faraday bags sold on Amazon or eBay.

  27. Avatar durs117 says:

    It almost like many of us are tripping a lot on how it's going to be and we're not probably going to enjoy our profit until value raises but maybe our children and our grandchildren. Right now, i take it as a long term quest but with daily taks; Looking at rates, values, fees, crypto-community, tutorials……it's very interesting and a lot of fun mixed with anxiety ; all of these combine together makes the whole deal for now. The ''reward'', for now. And so, i guess i'll have to wait for a very very long time until the amount is remarquable or at least reach and hold 1 Bitcoin. Below that amount, we can forget words similar to….prosperity, abundance and financial freedom ! At age of 90 years old ; gees that was a hell of a trip ! I hope my grandkids will keep that crypto wallet in a safe place !! (special firms offering insurance plans for crypto-wallets will born. I feel a lot of attackers will try to get our piece of BTC in the futur. More to come we're not finish yet 😛

  28. Avatar Rakly 3 says:

    btw, runaway inflation of the USD will get Bitcoin to 1 million a lot faster then expected.
    The USD will be worth less than the Venezuelan currency is tonday.

  29. Avatar Rakly 3 says:

    You can't see the future?
    Pfff, then why am I watching this?

  30. Avatar sony joseph says:

    Interesting , wonder what role inflation would play and how much would a a gallon on milk cost in 20 years

  31. Avatar Jannik Evers says:

    Do you think zap team also build on btc

  32. Careful bros! When Tether falls they will steal all your bitcoin on the exchanges and exit scam. They lied to the SEC many times! US government doesn’t want Bitfinex, Bitmain and Binance taking all your money to China!

  33. Avatar Cameron Sy says:

    Great explanation – for the newbies! #bitcoin #blockchain # cryptocurrency

  34. Avatar Angelo Vdwal says:

    Thanks for the real talk. Very appreciated.

  35. Avatar dtobert says:

    Nice video, thanks very much. One error at 8:40; if BTC were $55,000 it would only take about 18 BTC to be a millionaire ($1,000,000 / $55, 866/BTC = 17.9 BTC)

  36. Avatar Jacob Wilson says:

    You can get easy earnings from denaryum

  37. All these optimistic projections are great, but you're all neglecting to mention one little detail: We missed the boat to become rich quick with Bitcoin. That already happened in 2013-2018. That opportunity is gone. FOREVER. Now, you'll just have to settle for getting rich SLOWLY with cyryptocurrencies, because they will never rise as much and as fast as they did before. It'll take literally years, if not DECADES to see the 100X and 500X returns we routinely saw just a few years ago.

    Now, go ahead and thumb me down. History will prove me right.

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