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#AltCoinDaily: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork 2018 – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! [Coinbase, Binance, Wallets]


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork 2018 – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! [Coinbase, Binance, Wallets]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin Cash.


Summing up the Bitcoin Cash hard-fork debate

What might a hard fork mean for Bitcoin Cash?

Coinbase update on November 2018 BCH Hard Fork

Binance Will Support the Upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

Poloniex Exchange


Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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31 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork 2018 – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! [Coinbase, Binance, Wallets]

  1. Avatar Masha T says:

    How to exchange fiat to BitcoinCash in EO Finance?

  2. Avatar WiperTF2 says:

    This is so fucking confusing, and I can't find any information on it anywhere. This video touched the topic but still didn't answer what I want to know. I only have BCH sitting in the same wallet since long before the fork, didn't learn about the fork until recently, but shouldn't I still be able to get the same amount of both ABC and SV from my original BCH then? I can't figure it out. Shouldn't I be able to send my BCH to for example the Binance BCH ABC despot address, to sort out the ABC of it, and then send it also to the SV deposit address? Or have I just lost the opportunity to have my BCH forked into two because I didn't have it sitting on the right wallet before the fork? Extremely frustrating and I have no idea how the general public is ever supposed to be able to adopt this kind of technology when it is so uncertain apparently.

  3. Avatar Death 4 us says:

    Please advise. I didn’t realise this happened. It showed up in my split bit on my ledger after a while. I am wanting to get it out to Binance and exchange to XRP. Binance there are now 2 choices but both suspended so cannot transfer over. In the meantime it’s losing value. You are saying something about double points so am quite confused now as to what to do. I am relatively new to crypto. Would appreciate any advice off anybody but please not make it too complicated. Thanks

  4. Avatar 1phat phish says:

    The coins are still valued in fiat currency and everything else on the planet is. You will always need fiat, everything else is just a commodity.

  5. Avatar Death 4 us says:

    Mine disappeared off my ledger!

  6. Avatar Fraciscv says:

    Thanks for that. I just bought some at 412

  7. Avatar Abdiwali Nur says:

    will coinbase support the bch hard fork??????

  8. Avatar raj shah says:

    Last year BTC hardfork gave holders BCH on 1:1 basis, what's going to happen this time?
    Lets say if i hold 10 BCH, before hardfork, what exact portfolio will I have after hardfork?

  9. Avatar Ko Li says:

    bch is trash and so are the forks

  10. Avatar raj shah says:

    Good video…..still have questions…
    I am planing to buy $10,000 worth of BCH, at coinbase now. After 8 am on 15th november u r saying i will have BCH SV and BCH ABC on top of BCH that i have already at coinbase?? they even don't have wallets for BCH SV and BCH ABC……please answer fast so i can make my decision….thank you.

  11. Thanks for the intention but really remains unclear. The big question is what does it mean? for example if I have 5 bch in another exchange then your video implies that I should move to binance..ok that's good but the rest is confusing. If I do so what's next? After the fork what will binance do? For example Kraken says: "we support only ABC" So that's very easy to understand. It means if before the fork you have 5 bch after the fork you will have 5 more coins involved just 5 to matter what new price ABC has (up to know this sucks because the "futures" of ABC are below current bch price..a total disaster)…. but binance says it just supports the fork, what does it mean? Coinbase says it supports ABC, SV, and any coin that pop it means on Nov 16th i will have 5 ABC + 5 SV = 10 in coinbase?? (this makes sense because SV + ABC "futures" sum up almost to the actual BCH price..but what about binance…..I'm so lost here

  12. Avatar Mr J says:

    **ALL BTC MINERS JOIN SV POOL ON FORK DAY —— Revenge is a dish best serve cold Jihan and Roger. ** POST THIS EVERYWHERE!!!!!

  13. Bitcoin forks copy the BTC blockchain at a specific block TRUE BUT NOT ALL. Bitcore, btx, has created a coin with an empty blockchain, with the purpose of separating BTX from BTC and establishing it as a separate entity

  14. Avatar s3lfFish says:

    anyone having issues transfering from ledger to coinbase ?

  15. So where is best to keep your BCH during the fork, Coinbase or Binance from a fees standpoint? Any advice?

  16. So i bought i bitcoin cash couple of days ago. Should i sell it now??? Is it gonna worth less now?

  17. Avatar Grant Lacopo says:

    November and December will be the best month to invest in the remaining part of 2018 because there's a great bonus going on since it's a bonus season

  18. Avatar Hooyahfish says:

    Im just counting on the hype and will sell everything before the 15th. maybe keep a half a coin to see what happens.

  19. Avatar Omar Garcia says:

    That’s what you get for buying forks…. this repeats every time… yet they keep buying this trash.. insane

  20. Avatar s3lfFish says:

    have some BCH on my nano s
    do I need to put on an exchange ?
    or is not necessery, I didn't got that part
    What will happen

  21. I still don’t understand, so does this mean that if we have our Coins in cold storage , that we need to put it on an exchange?

  22. Avatar Jone Due says:

    about ledger announcement, it's not really matter because you hold your private keys, so you can use that as you like.

  23. Avatar Jack Roberts says:

    Wow…I bet they wish they bought the surrounding domains to this hard fork.,, etc. How embarrassing!

  24. Do Poloniex support BCH Hard Fork like Binance and Coinbase ??? so if i leave my BCH on Poloniex ill get both coins???

  25. This is an interesting video about being able to give crypto a physical location

  26. Avatar Mir Detoura says:

    So are our coins in ledger nano s going to get double to coins assuming a chain split does take place?

  27. Avatar Pip Santos says:

    They will fractionate to their greeds' content.

    Am waiting for a coin which is hardwired not to fork. Like when brute force is used to fork an amount, that amount disappears. Am thinking along the line of a third key which only the blockchain knows. Even the owner of of the public address who has the private key don't know the third key. This scenario will truly make a coin personality independent and stable. And of course curve the greed of those who owns a big chunk of it and thinks he can throw his Ver weight around.

    Now am not a programmer. So is this kind of coin even possible?

  28. Avatar Say My Name says:

    Tnx for making this video. This one is a bit risky/scary. When Btc forked bitcoin cash, it was a great deal, financially. I am a bit lost on this one. There is not a chance i would jump into this. I stick to my long term investments. Eatin some popcorn on the sideline while wathcin this circus. Good luck to all investing in BCH though.

  29. Avatar stanky budz says:

    Is there any way to know when the snapshot happens when the bch is in a wallet?

  30. do I have to take it out of my trezor and put it back on to an exchange? Or will hardware wallets support the fork too?

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