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#AltCoinDaily: 7 Valuable Crypto Websites YOU Need To Know About! [Bitcoin/Altcoin.Crypotcurrency]


7 Valuable Crypto Websites YOU Need To Know About! [Bitcoin/Altcoin.Crypotcurrency]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

Today I want to take a look at 7 cool cryptocurrency websites!

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Visual Capitalist

Trading View

Google Trend

If I Had Bought Crypto


*****NOT Financial Advice! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

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27 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: 7 Valuable Crypto Websites YOU Need To Know About! [Bitcoin/Altcoin.Crypotcurrency]

  1. Avatar itsmikebauer says:

    These are great websites but ur missing check it out definitely a good one you should do a video on that one!

  2. Avatar Lokarionn Mc says:

    Selling up to 4 "EVGA GTX 1080 FTW 8GB GDDR5X" for cheap, used for less than 4 months, completelly functional and working. Shipping internationally from Spain. If interested e-mail me at: [email protected] so I can give you further information.

  3. Can you make a video about VITE? It's a DAG (alternative to a blockchain) inspired by Nano. There's something new they created, a snapshot chain. Seems big.

  4. When I think about the crypto future I think of it as a teeter totter with fiat money. Peter got his clock cleaned by Eric in that debate because Peter kept adding gold into his argument. Digital is clearly superior to fiat paper money. It’s like a paper map compared to GPS. You only need to to go to and google average life span of fiat currency. The fiat crash is overdue. Then what? Digital is the only answer. World GDP divided by 21 million. Could happen tomorrow.

  5. Avatar Cee Dee says:

    Five minutes in you lost me. I’ve watched this market since the beginning of the year and observed the peaks and valleys. I will pin this and get back to you at the beginning of ‘19.
    I think there will be a rise in Q4 There is always something happening on a day-to-day basis. Videos from 2 weeks ago are already obsolete unless you want to refer back.
    I’m no expert but I see a tidal wave coming and it won’t take 10 years.

  6. LOL @ Youtube Altcoin Daily Channel…don't blame you, I'd promote myself too!!

  7. Avatar jeff 1281 says:

    Crypto is fake. It does not exist. You take real money and turn it into fake money. So weird………

  8. Reached out to you last week about Shrimpy. If you've had time to peruse and check it out, what do/did you think about it? Thanks again for fabulous content!!

  9. Avatar John Salazar says:

    Just found your channel and subbed. I wanted to know your opinion on Smartmesh (SMT)

  10. Another great website:

    For TA check out a playlist i created on youtube! Don't pay for education when its free!!!

  11. Avatar John Guts says:

    Listen up if you haven't looked at ORI yet then I'm doing you a favor. Protocol for creating marketplaces with a working product and established customers. Backed by two banks and credit gricole group startup (third largest bank in Europe) with less than 1 million marketcap and realtievely unknown. Why hope something that has hundred of millions in marketcap becomes the next ETH when a 10x from ORI is only 5 million market cap. Check it out on IDEX. Feel free to DYOR on it too.

  12. Avatar Craig Neeve says:

    Maybe BTC dominance has just peaked and some top 50 ALTS are worth looking into as buying opportunities,

  13. Avatar nick sloan says:

    All Sports public blockchain hopes to fill in the blank of blockchain application in sports industry through blockchain technology, which is a sun-rising industry all over the world. What we want to create is a decentralized, globalized, infiltrated into sports industry chain, shared by both parties and value co-created.

  14. Avatar Ian Baker says:

    This is a very informative video, i want to say its the best time to trade on bitcoins after i made up to 12K in 7 days with just 1K with the help of roland charon, that man is the best

  15. Avatar Rob Winnen says:

    Thanks for sharing these websites, very useful. One point of positive criticism: you use a lot of time for the introduction (more than 5 minutes) maybe less intro more to the point? Still watching your videos every day. Cheers!

  16. Avatar Macan says:

    Hey guys,
    I would like to know more about MoneroV.
    Can someone review this and explain me the difference?
    Thank you

  17. Avatar Craig Neeve says:

    zcash ath interesting reading

  18. Avatar David coins says:

    Great show. I must say a new site called has everything for new and old traders. YouTube videos,charts,tweets. Check it out.

  19. Avatar kking1367 says:

    Maybe my friends group were not wrong after all. I will be certain if BTC drops to $7650.00 . If it does then another bull run was called for.

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