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#AltCoinDaily: 3 Reasons Why I Like NULS!!! [Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Review]


3 Reasons Why I Like NULS!!! [Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Review]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

With NULS’s main net launch/token swap coming up I wanted to do a video on 3 reasons why I like NULS! Watch the video and comment below.

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Link to token swap procedure:

***Not financial advice. Just opinion.

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20 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: 3 Reasons Why I Like NULS!!! [Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Review]

  1. Can you do an updated video once their beta 2.0 goes live?

  2. Avatar peggy w says:

    Hi, I'm peggy from NULS team. I‘m writting to see if there's any chance that we can cooperate with each other. I know you're popular in cryptocurrency and have many fans, so I wonder could you please make a live broadcast to show something about NULS ? Beceuse NULS2.0 public beta will be released recently, we want to let more people know about NULS and we want to let more people know what we're doing. Let me know your thoughts. [email protected]

  3. How do you feel about NULS today? I can't find anything of recent news.

  4. Avatar Alex Sulivan says:

    what will happen to your tokens if you miss out on the token swap for some time?

  5. Avatar Neo says:

    Do you have a NULS update? Can't understand how it's still so overlooked compared to other blockchains…

  6. seriously u r amazing well explaination

  7. What is your feeling on NULS now? Just seems dead in the water. I'm pondering on pulling out and putting it in XRP and then taking out some profit and putting back into NULS. It seems like XRP is about to move much faster than NULS. I do feel though that with their small market cap and potential, they could be big eventually. But when that is…seems questionable.

  8. Avatar MrPlipit says:

    hi guys need some help im a beginner. trying to download nuls wallet from their site so i can swap my tokens from my ether wallet. i cant seem to downlaod the nuls wallet from their site. pls help.

  9. Avatar Billy Bill says:

    Just got into Nuls then looked up vids on it, made the right decision but only 75$ at $ 2.50 Nuls

  10. When is the token swap ? I did not see it even on the web site

  11. Amazing !!!! Nuls is amazing !!

  12. Avatar A Dub says:

    Do you know when the token swap will happen after we place our coins on binance?

  13. Avatar Rob Winnen says:

    Thanks for the video. Great explanation as usual. Very interesting, I am not investing in this coin yet, but I will defenitely put it on my list of coins to be researched

  14. Avatar Da SuitMan says:

    this all sounds good on paper… just wondering though.. has China ever created/developed an O.S. for computers or phones that has rivaled mainstream technologies? Will they do this with internet 3.0???
    I'm at a loss here…

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  16. Avatar Alex Alex says:

    What you think about Neo price??

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