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#AltCoinDaily: 3 Reasons why Altcoins will EXPLODE in 2018!!! 💥 [Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News]


3 Reasons why Altcoins will EXPLODE in 2018!!! 💥 [Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Today we go over some Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News! I will tell you 3 reasons why I think this will be a huge year for Altcoins!

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****Not Financial Advice! Just Opinion!

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49 thoughts on “#AltCoinDaily: 3 Reasons why Altcoins will EXPLODE in 2018!!! 💥 [Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News]

  1. Avatar A123 CAM says:

    Very useful. Can we see some analysis on FunFair? Looks very exciting but the tech is a bit confusing…

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  3. IOTA, VERGE & THETA please!!!!

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  5. How much whil zcash dubbel? ??in price whin ETF further improve zcash only 4.5 million coins circulation zcash soon on coinbase

  6. What do you think about 0x? From what I've read, it's one of if not the most solid protocol for decentralized exchanges.

  7. Avatar Halim Hamid says:

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  9. Avatar ANKIT SINGH says:

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  11. Avatar Multi Asian says:

    Guys.. i need a donation
    [BitCoin Address]



  12. Avatar Amit Sharma says:

    Etn and zco will be the coin of 2018

  13. Avatar Dane Myburgh says:

    ICON (ICX) Get in now!!!

  14. Avatar Sadiel Ojeda says:

    Can you please review TRX, XRP, NCASH, OMG, ADA please? thanks a lot

  15. Avatar trumandavid1 says:

    Review for Tron please

  16. Avatar TerrariaCA says:

    There is so many youtubers and TA'ers using that BTC/Gold comparison, is giving me memories of Consensus 2018 Graph where everyone was hyped that we price will go after the event. Which we know that didn't happen at all.

  17. Avatar Maxim T says:

    Thanks for great Video! What do you think about Vertcoin?

  18. Avatar CJToxic says:

    Hello, many Trader think that the ppl will sell there alts to buy more bitCoin? Fomo etc…
    Thank You!

  19. Avatar jjose93 says:

    How about Storm??. Lets do the math fir that.. for 500 1000 or 1500 dollars can we be millionaires in a year..

  20. There is alot less Bitcoin than Gold

  21. Im loving that Gold and Bitcoin comparison!!

  22. I feel DGB, ETN, LTC, ADA, CS, PLR and VERI will be the big winners.

  23. Avatar Randy Black says:

    😝 Mercury Protocol 😝

  24. Avatar Me says:

    Tron, how many would you need to become a millionaire 2019?

  25. Can you do a video on Electroneum and if he has a strong opportunity to 1000X during the long awaited bull run in 2018 thanks great video

  26. So many YouTube crypto channels are disappeared during the bear market.

  27. Avatar Adam S says:

    this wild west bounty hunting shit is so gold rushy its mental.

  28. very easy and reliable. you just need your friends for this.

  29. Avatar Madrock says:

    IT WAS WRONG TITLE, THE RIGHT TITLE IS: 3 Reason why Altcoins will DIE in 2018!!!

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  31. Avatar Mr Grannell says:

    Dad airdrop is live and it’s on the neo network. Sign up before they close the open registration. Click on link and sign up.

  32. Are you DRUNK? Or HIGH?

  33. Thank u for the great video
    Market will be huge
    Be ready to wait for few months even few years….Crypto is the future and all banks ,billionaires know this … sooner or later all will want to get piece of the Crypto cake
    JUST buy the dips Relax and HODL

  34. Avatar Ohboy Peach says:

    especially if your staking coins it's gonna be a good 2nd half of the year…

  35. Dxt / Go / Tky
    I love your company an how you enthusiastically provide great content & insight for all of us crypto lovers

  36. always great information. One of best sources of alt coin analysis!

  37. Great Piece Guys
    Thx once again

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