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#AltCoinDaily: 3 Great Altcoin Buys RIGHT NOW – June 2018 [Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Best Investment]


3 Great Altcoin Buys RIGHT NOW – June 2018 [Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Best Investment]

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Hey Altcoin Daily team,
As the cryptocurrency market slowly recovers with steady, healthy growth, I expect to see a Bull Run soon. With a marketcap of just above 330 billion, I want to point out some great buying opportunities available.

Today, I talk about Neo (NEO), Zilliqa (ZIL), and Origin Trail (Trac).

Enjoy the video. I think it has a lot of value.

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*Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research. This stuff just works for me.

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    What's crazy is that NEO has gotten cheaper since this video. Significantly. Anyone know why?

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    Good picks AD..I would add DNotes. Only around .05c should be $2-3, more developed than 95% of the projects out there. Been developing their platform for the past 4 years, and getting ready to do a major marketing push.. Once they launch their IPO in the stock market, they will have major exposure to institutional money as well. IMO a 100x soon. Worth the research.

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  28. Do you own Reddcoins (RDD)? What do you think it will be worth at long term? Could it go to 1$?

  29. Hey Great Video, I understand people many out there are still experiencing loses in their investments , I can't be more grateful for not going down that lane and having Steven trade for me, He increased my winnings and I clearly understood every bit of the process

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    One low market cap token to look out for is Digipulse (DGPT). I think its going to be huge once more crypto millionaires are made. I think everybody is waiting on regulation and when that happens and all the big players enter the market, DGPT's value will skyrocket as a Digital Inheritance token. Really great idea, low token supply so it should see large gains, and a hard-working team that was just recently featured in a Forbes article. Definitely a sleeper token for 2018.

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  32. Avatar Bjorn Vds says:

    NEO , i would agree but the return in the next 6months is only 2-3 x so not that high and also not realy an altcoin .. and ZIL way over hyped to buy in right now, i think icx for sure will over run zil i short term and long term TRAC is an alt and could be a short (6months) 5-8 x for sure

  33. Avatar Ayo Ryno says:

    $ZIL top 10 coin for sure !!!

  34. Avatar MasterYoda says:

    Interesting choices. I will definitely take a closer look at them. Thanks for sharing the video with us.

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