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Alex Tapscott: Can Africa Lead the Crypto Revolution, Corporate & Private Blockchains

Alex Tapscott: Can Africa Lead the Crypto Revolution, Corporate & Private Blockchains

[ VIDEO POST ] Date: 2020-01-10 19:30:00 | Duration: 14:57 | Views: 1919 | Likes: 77 | Dislikes: 8

We talked to Alex Tapscott, the co-founder of Blockchain Research Institute and co-author of the book “Blockchain Revolution,” about private and enterprise blockchains and the development of crypto in Africa and emerging markets.

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10 thoughts on “Alex Tapscott: Can Africa Lead the Crypto Revolution, Corporate & Private Blockchains

  1. Avatar Marc Agouni says:

    great sources of informations ! I agree that Africa will rise in the bC ecosystem

  2. Avatar meDickStinKz says:

    How in the HELL did anyone think getting Keith Wareing to write for Cointelegrapg was a good idea!? LOL Anyone at CT actually watched ANY of his videos from the last few years!!!??? Now he is a TA expert…..WOW

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  4. Thanks Cointelgraph! You are my daily "go-to" for crypto info.

  5. Avatar Mr MvST says:

    Great video! Can I have you or someone from the marketing team on my channel?

  6. Avatar XRP Africa says:

    Okay let me help this guy out.

    1) Sending salaries to farm workers as so that they can then go to a kiosk & withdraw their salary.
    Thus the farmer saves money on fuel & the potential risk of driving around with boat loads of cash. The farm workers aren't paid in cash. But can retrieve the cash when needed. (Which could increase farm workers potential to saving)

    2) Mobile money is huge in Africa. If a village produces maize. You don't need to worry about the cash getting to the village within the logistical process. Thus adding an extra layer of security.

    3) When the people/small road side shops (NOT ATM"S) processes these mobile transactions. It provides them, the shop owner with profit (Not the Bank), as to feed their families.

    4) Mobile money actually gives more people access to cold hard cash, as there are more places to process these transactions, for cheaper. For example, you won't have ATM's sitting out in the middle of rural locations. You will have small money processing shops.

    5) The need for cash in-transit vans will start to decrease, As money will be processed by the countries population & not the banks. (Transactions fee's are what keep banks a float).

    6) The cost to do a local, interbank transfer in some countries is roughly $35+. They say a majority of people in Africa live off of $1 a day. That is 35 days of pure saving to make a interbank transfer.

    Next time yall have someone comment on Africa. Please make sure they have a vested interest in it.

    Because certain books won't work here.

    Kind Regards

  7. Avatar dubstep1994 says:

    We dont need more human beings – we need less. Robots will take over in less than 50 years.

  8. Avatar SanktGallus says:

    Molly, captured down in Africa?

  9. Avatar Mike says:

    Terrible show as usual

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