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99% of ALL Altcoins Will Go To ZERO! Are You Prepared For Altpocalypse?

99% of ALL Altcoins Will Go To ZERO! Are You Prepared For Altpocalypse?

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Altcoins are gaining against Bitcoin, yet Chico Crypto has an unpopular opinion: 99% of all Altcoin will eventually go to zero in the future! The Altpocalypse will happen again & the cryptos that survive will be the ones that solve real world problems. Will your Altcoins survive? Plus Ethereum staking is coming, and the race for 32 ETH is on. Will it be more profitable than Bitcoin mining down the road? Plus crypto news from around the space, including Ethereum DeFi, Chainlink & More!

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40 thoughts on “99% of ALL Altcoins Will Go To ZERO! Are You Prepared For Altpocalypse?

  1. Avatar bigcrabrob says:

    @Chico Crypto – LOL, do you not realize that VET is used outside of China for a MAJORITY of their business? Do you not realize other BIG FUCKING NATIONS do business WITH CHINA, and France for one is using VET for trade tracking with China? Right, Chico, VET is a sucker's coin for sure and the world will be forced to bow to chinas manipulation of coins like VET that will make $0 dollars for their foundation and continued development…. what the FUCK are you smoking, dude???

  2. Avatar DAVE REX says:

    na. stacking eos here…. good luck with your eth.

  3. Nexus is not going to give a shit what Bitcoin or ETH does. Tommorow crypto changes forever! Nexus is the Ethereum killer! Get in before it's to late!

  4. You looking for a singular platform to move to? Or are you willing to go with one for uploads and one for streaming?

  5. Where are your facts 😂 You talk shit about Chinese coins without real facts. Please site your sources and shut me up

  6. Avatar Digito mafia says:

    Will ZRX do Staking on Coinbase?

  7. Avatar jimonius7 says:

    Most of the time when cats get poisoned it's because the owner lets them roam around and eat poisoned rats. Hopefully nobody actually poisoned anyone's cat that's horrible.

  8. Waiting for SEC getting over your wake and prosecuting ya for shilling shitcoins to your followers 😀 you'll be next to suppoman and the other shillers..

  9. Avatar David G O says:

    Cats and Dogs are our best friends on earth. Hope yours gets better mate.

  10. Avatar Bookz Tony says:

    I like you Chico, but to say all Chinese coins won't make it??????? Come on bro, VET is defo here to say!

  11. Avatar Iron Man says:

    XRP to zero, alts to moon.

  12. Avatar pabs b77 says:

    Sorry to hear about Wayne buddy. Hope he's ok!

  13. Avatar TJ2000 says:

    Digibyte and Storiqa are here to stay.

  14. Bittmex is like Jeffrey Epstein 😉

  15. Avatar rortiz77 says:

    Whats your alternative to YouTube?

  16. I do not expect the price of Bitcoin to skyrocket until a trade deal is made between the U.S. and China and China is happy with the deal.

  17. Thanks Crypto Jesus in suggesting me to XTZ (Ecstasy=Tezos) because it has been step it up last week and I have over 50 of those puppies!!! I personally did my research and want to thank you for checking on this altcoin on your past videos!!!

  18. Avatar davincij15 says:

    Where will you go if you move from Youtube?

  19. Avatar Coach K says:

    Well i am surely enjoying trading alts lately i dunno about you. Alts without usecases were always gonna die off tho lol

  20. eth, vechain are the 2 best coins. Its the only 2 jim breyers owns. He only invest in the top businesses. The rest are shit coins.

  21. prayers for wayne get better little buddy!

  22. you are a cat person? i love even mote now!!!

  23. What platform will you move to? They're is no viable replacement for utube right now.

  24. Avatar DW says:

    What about Cardano, starting to do big things??

  25. Avatar Sweetcanary says:

    hi can you please give your opinion on DGX Gold one day please ? is it good for putting one's fiat before buying BTC?

  26. Long live Alive Altcoins! In Github we trust! 🙏

  27. Avatar Crypto Slim says:

    No one talks about it but what if you disconnect your ether node couple of times, will it cost you ethereum


  29. I'm a little late but congrats on the 60k 🙌


  31. Avatar WeAreWe says:

    Titties coin to the 🌕!

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