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7 Reasons Bitcoin Price Will Smash Record Highs – Tom Lee of Fundstrat & CNBC

7 Reasons Bitcoin Price Will Smash Record Highs – Tom Lee of Fundstrat & CNBC

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Let’s take a look at the 7 reasons why Bitcoin will smash thru record highs according to Tom Lee of Fundstrat. I add my opinion and my 8th reason.


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24 thoughts on “7 Reasons Bitcoin Price Will Smash Record Highs – Tom Lee of Fundstrat & CNBC

  1. hello everyone, i really dont know .. i just got into this crpyto
    currency world and i have little or no clue wats im doing and i really
    want to make more money out of this …. although i have baged a few
    bitcoin, do i just hold it or something of a kind? HELP!!!!!

  2. Avatar Tony Andrade says:

    Bom eu sou novo nesse lance de bitcoin ou qualquer tipo de criptomoeda mais eu te falo esse site aqui de litecoin e muito melhor pois la sobe rapido nao e como o cryptotab devagar esse sobe por mimutos e muito rapido

    Quando abrir coloca la o link da sua carteira e aperta start e vai começar subir e vc ve que e muito rapido,o valor do litecoin nao e igual o bitcoin mais eu acho que vale mais a pena…bom ta ai quem quiser tentar blz

  3. ich verdine 200 euro am tag und das sicher muss mir nichts kaufen schaut euchdas einfach mal an probiert es aus und dann gas geben @t

  4. May/june is gona be RED BLOOODY

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  6. TNB on binance 1,000% Gains soon!!

  7. Tom Lee dont know shit!! Dude throwing crazy numbers out there .

  8. Avatar solofutball says:

    3Q3cfCViZ3hAckxQpFVKjakeeEPe7R6T4A donations pleased BTC WALLET

  9. Avatar aluckyshot says:

    Haha isn't this guy Mr. Lee perpetually wrong?

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  11. Avatar Hodlonaut says:

    ohh fuck .. i had to vomit ! i saw the evil picture of killary in the morning.. damn

  12. Bitcoin cash halving april 2020 5k

  13. Avatar ASADHARARI says:


  14. Long BTC. LONG GBTC shares

  15. Avatar monty royal says:

    love the abrupt exit

  16. Avatar rebale gadar says:

    Tom lee please don't talk bullish anymore on bitcoin. instead talk bearish cause I want bitcoin turn into bull market already 😩😩😩

  17. Avatar Marco Polo says:

    Sixers don't lose 2 in a row!

  18. Avatar Jack Stephen says:

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  19. Avatar Erick 4.0 says:

    Elon Musk just tweeted. Nice call.

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