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5 CRYPTO to Watch (Big Caps) – Bitcoin Update

5 CRYPTO to Watch (Big Caps) – Bitcoin Update

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Today, let’s look at the 5 crypto projects that have big announcements coming. Also, update to what’s going on with Bitcoin.

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34 thoughts on “5 CRYPTO to Watch (Big Caps) – Bitcoin Update

  1. Avatar Ruck Bogers says:

    you've got to be kidding me. Bittorrent and Tron? ROFLLLLLLL
    Bittorrent has not done ANY development. Why dont you include actual software development activity?
    Promoting CRAP SCAM B*LLSH*T……..

  2. Avatar Ruck Bogers says:

    tron is a dead project.

  3. Avatar Martin Long says:

    Chain Link has also surpassed ATH

  4. Avatar Michi1303 says:

    Currently everything is looking good price keeps increasing but what happens when a correction occurs and forces price to decrease this will cost you your hodlings. So don’t wait for a future that’s not guaranteed and make your profit daily by using a less talked approach which is day trading. Day trading can be disastrous if you go into it without the right knowledge and information, and most content providers on YT are mediocre and misleads you most of the time so what you should do is make proper and deep research learn to read and analyze your chart properly before you go into trading on your own. Or you can do what I and many other smart inventors do which is copying and implementing the trade signals and patterns into my own trade and I use the services of Gérard Barrientos after using so many signal providers. Gérard is genius when it comes to trading, he is an expert analyst his signals and strategies are always correct. Currently my trades are filled with winnings and profit with no loss. I make profit daily and keep increasing my portfolio daily and if you are looking forward to doing the same I urge you to contact him through {[email protected] or on WhatsApp +447427159640}.

  5. Avatar Ian Will says:

    Your intro sucks 😀

  6. Avatar seb22663 says:

    As you see, ta is just ta

  7. Avatar Michael York says:

    EOS does not constitute anything close to a blockchain, the txps claimed is not replicable in a real world environment (even as a centralized distributed database system it can not do more than 250txps), there is nothing to stop bp's colluding in bad faith to censor the blockchain, the network comprises of fake users and fake transactions, corruption in the markets associated with EOS is rife from the RAM market right back to the crowd sale where funds were laundered back and forth to make it appear like there was interest aka money laundering, information asymmetry conveniently means that none of the claims regarding computational power being fairly priced and distributed is easily verifiable. From the way the architecture works to the fact that there is no Byzantine fault tolerance and relies on social consensus between crooks to operate to all of the 'critical vulnerabilities being found.

  8. Avatar Michael York says:

    Tron shouldn't be in the top 100 let alone top 10. Eventually that's where it's headed. Justin Sun couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.

  9. Avatar Michael York says:

    Cardano: the gambling platform that evolved to smart contract platform, it is a scam, always has been

  10. BNB is like a stable coin but better!

  11. Avatar Samer Ayoub says:

    BSV is in the house and all the fraudsters are angry

  12. Avatar Mike Benz says:

    $WHEN token on Interface by WhenHub. Could become the Amazon of on demand professional services / friends / networking. At $0.025 right now. Should go to $0.05 within the month. & yes, I'm a holder. 100% of my small cap crypto investment… taking it to the moon!

  13. Avatar Jimmy Yu says:

    Thanks for the Cardano shout out… very excited with long lost Shelley… she is just around the corner.

  14. decanted  eth hey, that explains it all, eth & eos are both dapp platform, one holds 4 billion including 140k Bitcoins!!! Have a look at the dapp adoption & get back to me!
    I've used eth horrible slow & clunky… Transaction fees really? Let imagine I'm playing dual Solitaire on Eos or dice, making a 0.1eos transaction every 5 seconds how will you do that with a minute long transaction that comes at a higher cost than the 0.1 itself? I make hundreds to thousands of transactions on the eos blockchain every single day!

    Also in a few months I've accumulated 19eos' worth of airdrops on top of that in also making over 0.5 to 1.5% return on my staked Eos on top of that, how can you compete with that?

    They are not even a year old!!!

  15. I know that I'm a big eos
    fanboy but why arguments about Bitcoin & Bitcoin cash fees when Eos has free instant transactions also xrp and xlm better get their shit together before eos does their own version!

  16. None of these coins are on my watch list!!!!

  17. Avatar R James says:

    As you mention Łitecoin and announcements, a reminder re some recent announcements below.

    Major multi billion dollar entertainment companies like C&U Entertainment (K-POP promoters) and (owners of UFC), and Glory Kickboxing League, are now partnered with the Łitecoin Foundation. Then there’s state authorisation in Venezuala of Łitecoin and Bitcoin remittances. Also Łitecoin recently partnered with Too much to mention. See below also article re reduction by 10x in Łitecoin fees. There should be a lot more to come.

  18. Great content thank you George!

  19. Will be very interesting to watch Tether taking into consideration all recent news.

  20. Avatar Chris Harvey says:

    Thanks for speaking up so we can hear you otherwise wegone miss something

  21. Avatar Macktube X says:

    Time to buy some EOS, the next month's announcement is going to be huge for a quick pump. 🤑

  22. Avatar Fred Kennedy says:

    What do you think about blockchain domains like .zil?

  23. Avatar decanted says:

    You’ve just played it safe by picking top ten coins…

  24. Ada is running on ONE single server for over 2 years now. I bet adaconnecters don't even know that… One entity controling your investment. Without a testnet after all this years…and Hoaxinson working on etc and now even polymath, instead of…

    Cardano is vaporware. It is incredible how someone can push something like this to 10th spot in CMC with nothing but empty promisses that get broken one after another for years now.

    Hoaxinson is not called "a snake" in the space for nothing. IOHK contract expires in a year. He will try to pump the price on empty promisses and dump his adaconnect on the most gullable. Facts? They are changing their roadmap again. Why? Aren't they able to keep up with their own plans? Everybody expected shelly announcemet on the recent iohk summit – instead of that, more empty promisses. More facts? He has been kicked out of eth and bts, unonimously. Even more facts? Look at the infighting at etc from when hoaxinson stuck his fingers in… Want more? Hoaxinson is repeating the word "decentralisation" while adaconnect is still running on ONE single server with NO dapps developing on it (the only one – sp8do – already jumped to eos). Peer reviews? Dedalus wallet got those…and still not working and taking ages to sync.

    Should i even go on? Shelly q2 2018..shelly end of 2018…shelly q1 2019…shelly on iohk summit…shelly end of 2019… Do you really can't see he is playing the "boiling frog" manipulation?

    Still not enough? There is one ultimate clue…Look at Hoaxinson shitting on his "competition" at every occasion and you will very easily see…….fear. More and more people are seeing through his BS and jumping ship. Competition is light years ahead. Even iost has dapps running on it already for god sake.

    And for those who will now repeat the usual hoaxinsons "thats just their opinion" shi* – those are FACTS, not opinions. An opinion would be me saying – "Mongolia? Hoaxinson probably gave a million to that poor government to play along, so he can hype some more before dumping. Whats next – Wadiya??". Notice the difference?

    And if thats still not enough…please just hodl adaconnect and let evolution do its shi*…you actually deserve to be scammed.

  25. Avatar Wideolink says:

    Bitcoin is better than gold ! Accumulate and fly to the MOON!

  26. What if the whales are waiting till the shorts accumulate to liquidate , can this be the case

  27. Avatar T Johnsen says:

    Too low sound. We’re listening on phone speakers with noise around. Crank it up!

  28. Avatar arpita sethi says:

    CryptosRus may have a financial investment with the cryptocurrencies discussed in this video. In preparing this video, no individual financial or investment needs of the viewer have been taken into account nor is any financial or investment advice being offered.


  29. Avatar DizeezerV says:

    Eos is shady. My gut is rarely wrong.

  30. Hi George, It is Hard to Take Profit When I'm Putting the Value of Bitcoin at 1million

  31. Avatar adam peabody says:

    Is this an announcement of an announcement? Shill much?

  32. Avatar D Sagar says:

    Tupac Shakur is Satoshi Nakamoto.
    Don’t take my word for it, have a google search

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