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$1M Bitcoin Bet – Trade BNB on Tesla | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

$1M Bitcoin Bet – Trade BNB on Tesla | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

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Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news from today!

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25 thoughts on “$1M Bitcoin Bet – Trade BNB on Tesla | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

  1. Avatar CryptosRUs says:

    Join for more analysis, insight, and tools for the market. If you like cars, check out my Drivers Only channel.

  2. Avatar Lin Feng says:

    If you want to buy a #gem, Look into peculium.100x growth are nothing at this point.

  3. Avatar Faith Fahim says:

    Only cashfinix exchange

  4. Avatar Marc says:

    George, pull the horses in! Don't hurt your hand patting yourself on the back! LMAO I am just teasing you! You do an amazing job everyday! Thank you for your insight and honesty! There are some some rumors stirring around in the crypto community that you are "Satoshi Nakamoto." Any comments on your part? 🙂 lol

  5. Thanks for your good vids

  6. Avatar Ryan Long says:

    If btc goes to high, nobody will use it or buy it.

  7. Avatar Ryan Long says:

    Dorsey is an elitist, sensor shipping, POS, not worthy of mentioning.

  8. Avatar m maxal says:

    Verg is a complete mess, i will never trust them again, my xvg magically disappeared from their shady wallet back in 2017

  9. Avatar waterflace54 says:

    A little?? Its very boring lol

  10. Avatar Tim Ulrey says:

    Ok. I'm no longer a bear. I still think we'll retrace to 5400-6200 depending on if we hit 9800 or not (5400 if not, 6200 if yes). Regardless, I'm now bullish.
    Your optimism served you well, bro… especially in 3200-4k land! I wish I would have gone 20x long at that point (and still holding).

  11. I am so sick of these ads I have to wait for just to watch your video. I am about to unsubscribe.

  12. What are ppl doing with BSV? Binance & Coinbase not allowing trades … just wondering ?

  13. Buying more Bitcoin now!

  14. Avatar Rene Vela says:

    29:50 was the best!!!! lol Made me crack up so good

  15. Avatar Jeremy F says:

    Hey George, I own nulsdeep.zil

  16. Avatar Ron Turkey says:

    Jack isn't buying. Square is buying as customers buy on the Cash App. If I buy $8000 worth of Bitcoin on the Cash App, then Square is require to buy a full Bitcoin.

  17. Avatar Paul Meister says:

    When is the next live stream with drinks?

  18. Avatar Paul Meister says:

    If you got value from this video don't forget to hit the likes

  19. Verge is legit I checked them up

  20. Thank you for showing us Abyss yesterday! Some People don't realize that Abyss is going up against Steam's Video Market place" $5 Billion Market" It's going to work with epic games market place "$8 billion Market place" I believe coins like Enjin and Abyss will do very well in the world! People also don't realize that Origin Games and Steam will need to adapt crypto Block-chains to survive.

    Abyss is a steal right now!

  21. Avatar Robbbyg says:

    Watch The vol, reduced vol =reduced price regardless what chart looks like,

  22. Avatar OhGeeGanksta says:

    Philosophy towards checking your portfolio: don’t do it. Secondly, even if the fiat value doesn’t increase, aim to increase your BTC value.

  23. There is no way to lose except selling too early

  24. Avatar TX X says:

    Binance to the moon

  25. Great video! We have the same views of bitcoin! It may turn down a bit, but its headed to the moon!

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