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$1 Million Dollar Bitcoin Bet With Roger Ver – Pre Bitcoin Cash

$1 Million Dollar Bitcoin Bet With Roger Ver – Pre Bitcoin Cash

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Check out this old video from 6 years ago with Roger Ver. The same passion he has for Bitcoin Cash is what he had for Bitcoin back then.

Original Video:

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26 thoughts on “$1 Million Dollar Bitcoin Bet With Roger Ver – Pre Bitcoin Cash

  1. Avatar Marc Duncan says:

    Still af fan of Roger Ver. He is perhaps annoying by somes opinion, but he is always telling the truth and is by far the best promoter out there for per to per cash transaction all over the world. I don't care about who is the real Satoshi Nakomoto and fake Satoshi Nakomoto, I will follow the path of Roger Ver any day.

  2. Avatar Nick Heesch says:

    Bitcoin Cash will be king after the blocks become consistently full on BTC and it takes days or even weeks just to send one transaction and it costs $200 to move $1 on the BTC network. What makes BTC even worse is the idea of using force to push people into using second layer solutions to avoid the Bitcoin network fees. Which just ends up creating a fractional reserve system on the blockchain, just like what the banks of today are. You see, when you send your BTC to the lightning network you are actually depositing your BTC into a lightning node (a bank) and are then credited with IOUs in the lightning network. You then can pass your IOUs around the lightning network for a much smaller fee. BUT as soon as you want to redeem your IOUs for your BTC, it again takes days or weeks to get your money on the BTC network as the blocks have been consistently full. You'll also have to spend a crazy amount in fees just to get your BTC back. Heaven forbid then if there is ever a time where the price starts to drop down and people want to sell their BTC, there will be a bank run on the Bitcoin network as people frenzy to get their BTC back and compete for space on the blockchain. When you have a few million people trying to claim their Bitcoin at the same time and there is only enough space for 4,000 transactions with each block, no one will be able to get their real BTC back. Such a terrible economic concept….

  3. Roger Ver is still on the Bitcoin side. BTC just stopped being Bitcoin. Look into the history of the scaling debate and censorship of the main Bitcoin discussion forums that have led to the current crypto political climate.

  4. Since i was a total amateur I have struggled too much for a long period on my effort to make money over the internet however the good news is this helped me generate really good cash

  5. Avatar 신민우 says:

    포크이후로 코인판은 끝났씀 이것도 화폐라고 참나 귀엽네 선동꾼

  6. He's still on the Bitcoin side. BCH is the coin that I bought in 2013. Not sure why people can't understand this.

  7. Avatar Crypto Live says:

    In his old days he was a good guy. But now he is loosing his face.. so sad.. he should come back to the real bitcoin.

  8. I never left Bitcoin. BTC left Bitcoin, and now Bitcoin Cash is the peer to peer electronic cash for the world.

  9. Roger is such a controversial person, he is passionate that crypto currency will take off & come a household name.

  10. Roger Ver is still advocating for Bitcoin. You're the one who's changed. You are now advocating for the banker-sabotaged fork.

    Go back and read the white paper again, and you'll realize that Bitcoin Cash is the coin that Satoshi Nakamoto created.

    You let the bankers lead you astray!

  11. Roger Ver is a piece of shit! Any and all Versions of Bcash is Btrash!

  12. Avatar cedracine says:

    Bcash is a Scam, Roger abuses, lies and mislead, abusing Bitcoin "brand" on his dot com, youtube, twitter #RogerVerIsAFraudster #DelistBcash

  13. Avatar zapply yan says:

    Roger Ver still in the bitcoin mission BTC it's supposed to replace Fiat it's not to replace gold value like what Roger Ver say go read more economy book Bitcoin is just a name just like 99% of the human being thing that Fiat money is real money

  14. Avatar Patrik Banek says:

    His speech about Bitcoin hasn't changed one bit since the early days, BTC on the other hand..
    Roger is a smart man, really excited to see where the cryptospace goes in the next few years, my money is mostly on BCH!

  15. Avatar Mac Fou says:

    You can tell he is extremely homo

  16. Avatar SoulMindBody says:

    There is a reason why he got off the Bitcoin bandwagon, as we speak BTC is still slow first of all and secondly the cost for transactions is still too expensive. Everyone keeps talking about the store of value, while the reality is it was not designed for a store of value. The sole purpose of BTC was peer to peer transactions and taking out the middle man, I think the people who are behind all this have no intentions to make things less expensive. If BTC wants to continue for what it was designed for then things have to improve really soon. Another thing that is crazy about the BTC community is they love to sensor people off there forums when people ask questions that do not fit there agenda.

  17. Avatar Nathaly Li says:

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  18. Avatar b44rt says:

    I don't know if Roger Ver is right or wrong, time will tell. But I am sure his intentions are good, he is just a little annoying lol.

  19. Avatar Robert A. says:

    Roger Ver known as Bitcoin Jesus did more for Bitcoin adoption than most he was one of the first investors. He was a millionaire before Bitcoin. He chose BCH due to BTC not raising the block size and higher fees he was paying on BTC. He is a businessman does not have 18 months to wait for Lightning Network every year extended another 18 months so lets move on. Let BTC and BCH compete. Go forward not backwards. I hodl both BTC and BCH!

  20. btcabc a shootoff thst probably ends up nowhere

  21. Avatar borgilskye says:

    Roger Ver can't do basic maths he talks about 15,000% being 300X.

  22. Avatar Don Patrick says:

    Yes, Roger was instrumental in marketing BTC early days. These days I am primarily interested in what innovations he brings to the space with his BCH project to show commitment. This is because of 1. BCH is forked BTC code 2. Roger has some philosophy that is not progressive to the space sidechains, Blocksize that may continue to divide his projects. His Lack of Openness to progressive change. Will he adopt Mimblewimble ..Litecoin has …coming dram soon. 3. Another feather in his cap however is, His team did save BTC by identifying a major bug that could have crashed it.
    However, This most recent is BCH Innovation Test with BloXroute Layer 0 technology which claims they can speed up on chain transactions 1000% is interesting. So for BCH that would mean approx 100×1000 =100,000.

    Let's tamper that in the "real world" not test world; to an average 25% of that speed = 25,000 in countries with fast internet. All I can say is INTERESTING, let's see. Bloxroute says they accomplish this speed through encryption, Compression, Caching, Optimized Routing as well streaming of the data like Media instead of just packet forwarding.
    I like Bloxroute … I think ETH should try their tech ..but seem BCH is willing to give it a go.

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